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Living and Working with Emotion

Interprint presents the Flooring Trends 2018

When you enter a room, you sense its atmosphere. You then look at the flooring – and a personal emotion develops. That's why Interprint developed the Flooring Trends 2018: With a focus on six flooring décors, this feeling can be triggered in various room situations. Interprint's six selected flooring décors stand for emotional living and working.


The flooring statements were inspired by four trend themes which the Interprint Design Team sees as trendsetting for 2018:


up/cycling – The clever use of 'discarded' materials for new purposes extends their life cycle. That protects both mankind and the environment.


co-everything – The trend towards co-creation is unbroken. 'Together' instead of 'alone'. A free exchange of know-how and skills.


non_conform – Imperfection in home design and furniture is deliberate. Imperfection instead of digital perfection.


smart_material – New, smart materials are produced using new technologies. They conquer our life with a unique look.


With a view to these four current topics, Interprint developed the Flooring Trends 2018 – a focused selection of flooring that give the room an emotional appeal.


North Grove Oak

A Mediterranean oak. Planing traces, surface tearing and a finishing with white oil produce a rough look. A special surface treatment produces the 3D effect.



A wild cherry. Material sanding reinforced the strong-character growth image. Alternating wind stocks, inter-grown knots and fine annual rings.


Brick Lane

Leaching, whitewashing, sanding. That is how the rustic surface of this originally elegant oak was created. The washed-out lime deposits give the country-house floorboard its used look.


Centro Ash

An untypical allover ash. Flowers and cathedrals contrast with partly wide annual rings. The dark finish reinforces the contrasts.



A multi-strip décor based on maple. The range of transparent colours and the different strip formats produce a special effect. The wood type takes a back seat.


Ontario Chestnut

From the North: A chestnut with a perfect colouring. Bush knots, flowers and annual rings give the flooring its distinct texture.

  • North Grove Oak

  • North Grove Oak

  • Ruby

  • Brick Lane

  • Centro Ash

  • Centro Ash

  • Pintura

  • Pintura

  • Ontario Chestnut

  • The six selected flooring décors stand for emotional living and working.