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Design Festival in Lodz: Everything Is Change

Interprint shows 'transform' trends and sponsors young designers

The Lodz Design Festival in Poland is regarded as being the most important international design event in Central and Eastern Europe. The eleventh edition of the event in the up-and-coming creativity metropolis from 3 to 8 October 2017 was completely characterised by design: industrial design, art and craft, graphic design, architecture and fashion. Everything is change, nothing is as it was before, everything is new – that was reflected by this year's 'A.NEW' (Polish: OD.NOWA) festival motto. Interprint has participated as a co-sponsor in Lodz for many years and is particularly dedicated to sponsoring young designers. 


Trends of Transformation

In perfect harmony with the event topic, Interprint presented transformation trend topics and corresponding décor innovations under the 'transform' motto. Transformation is interaction: Visitors to the Interprint stand were inspired to experiment by, for example, flexible furniture and mobile décor fronts. Maurizio Burrato from the Interprint Design Team delighted the audience with two power speeches, in which he made the four zeitgeist topics,  de/materialised, non_conform, co-everything and un_limited, experienceable. Everything is changing, something new is created – with its trend analyses and the presented décors, the international décor printer confirmed the mood of optimism and change at the Lodz Festival.


Contest for Young Designers

Design talent wanted: Besides numerous exhibits, creative meetings and discussions, a major feature of the Lodz Design Festival is the sponsorship for young designers. This time, 178 young male and female designers from 20 countries competed for the prizes for the most ingenious designs in the 'make me!' creativity contest. This year, Interprint's sponsorship award was won by Magdalena Kucharska for her Baltica project: a ceramics set that is in tune with nature and has a white-and-blue marbling that looks like the central design element of Interprint's 'transform' décor book.


We Love Design

Designers, architects, derived timber product and furniture manufactures, bloggers and journalists – according to the organisers, more than 250,000 people from all over Europe have visited the Lodz Design Festival since the first edition of the event in 2007. Sylwia Lasota, Head of Sales Domestic Market & Marketing at Interprint Poland, emphasised the company's high affinity for design in her summary: "Interprint loves design, creates design and lives design – it is with this passion that we act as a co-sponsor here in Lodz. We deem it extremely important that the creative inspirations of the event also increase the appreciation for design among the general public."