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The End of the Furniture Days

A new format in October 2018

​They developed into a highlight of the industry in the course of the past years: The Interprint Furniture Days. Under the ‘transform’ motto, they celebrated their Tenth Anniversary in the autumn of 2016. 
 Total transformation: Interprint will no longer organise any Furniture Days. From the company’s point of view, it is time for something completely new after ten successful years.
 The Interprint team will take the time to develop a new format. The company will then surprise its customers and partners with something completely new in October 2018. 
 “We live in times of transformation, of change. After ten years of Furniture Days, we want to change,” was how Salvatore Figliuzzi, Director of Marketing & Design justified the decision and he added: “Thanks to all those who made the Furniture Days what they are today. So don´t forget – October 2018! Save the date and stay curious!”
 See here a video message from Salvatore Figliuzzi: