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Co-Creation Decors

Interprint cooperates with renowned designers

Interprint is going in a new direction with its "Co-creation" approach: The cooperation with internationally renowned design experts provides inspiration for topics of modern decor.

Co-everything is Zeitgeist. Together is less alone – man remains a social being. Whether analogue or digital. Cooperation, collaboration, co-living and co-working have been the norm for a long time. Long live the free exchange of knowledge, skills and creativity.

"The current co-working trend has inspired us to cooperate with well-known designers from the European furniture sector", explains Salvatore Figliuzzi, Director of Marketing & Design at Interprint. " We were immediately enthusiastic about the co-creation idea. Everyone gives and takes, so everybody benefits."

Five European designers from the co-creation project were giving presentations at the Design Post in Cologne from 16th to 19th May 2017: Jochen Flacke, Thorsten Keissner / Dolf Langemann Design and Peter Kern, all from Germany, as well as Atilla Kuzu from Turkey and Luca Tormena from Italy. The company has displayed the decors designed by them for Interprint in its exhibition at the Design Post.


Designer: Jochen Flacke Decor: Reef

"How happy we are to live in old houses or fetch the old chairs down from the attic. We love relaxing at home and thinking about how all this patina came about. We are looking for peace and quiet to counter the perfect, but hectic world." (Jochen Flacke)

The striking overall appearance of this oak embodies serene imperfection. A decor for people who long for originality and secure comfort.


Designer: Thorsten Keissner (Dolf Langemann Design) | Decor: Picea

"The Alpine lifestyle has inspired the Central European interior design culture for years. For me, the new interior design trend decor is the sunburned spruce." (Thorsten Keissner)

A sunburned mountain spruce, natural and weathered. The colour spectrum from brown to silvery-grey harmonises with a large number of shades and styles.


Designer: Peter Kern | Decor: Comfy

"Especially in times of radical change, people are looking for trust and comfort to counterbalance smooth high-tech, working like a maniac and cyber stress." (Peter Kern)

With its textile appearance, the decor conveys warmth and naturalness. The materiality is convincing in combination with all wood types, stone and metal.


Designer: Attila Kuzu | Decor: Yonga

"Sometimes, beautiful products from nature are given a new shape and form through industrial production processes. And yet they maintain a unique surface in unpredictable ways. We show people the beauty of the industrial transformation process, instead of concealing these traces." (Attila Kuzu)

Compressed wood chips. The natural product wood has been given an industrial, modern character through transformation. Experimental and trendsetting.


Designer: Luca Tormena | Decors: Harris & Crusoe

"The design of a decor is closely modelled on the conception of a house full of memories and pictures - the travel experiences gathered by the residents of the house. Observing the decor from the comfortable sofa, everyone can immerse him/herself in this multifaceted experience of life." (Luca Tormena)

Two timeless materials in perfect combination: Harris - a walnut as the soul of Italian furniture design. Crusoe - a textile with chevron look in the genuine 'used look'.


Film impressions of the Co-Creation Talk on 17th May 2017 in the Design Post Cologne: here


Download of this text and all images: here

  • Jochen Flacke

  • Jochen Flacke | Reef

  • Thorsten Keissner

  • Thorsten Keissner | Picea

  • Peter Kern

  • Peter Kern | Comfy

  • Atilla Kuzu

  • Atilla Kuzu | Yonga

  • Luca Tormena

  • Luca Tormena | Harris & Crusoe