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Interprint Werkschau is Magnet for Visitors

Structure and colour, look and feel: In Design Post Köln, the exhibition with the slogan “Combinations” inspired the expert audience from all over the world

There was again a rush of people, and enthusiasm was also great: This year, lots of interzum visitors came again to see the new collection of Interprint showed within a Werkschau* at Design Post Köln. The company focused on one of the most important topics of current furniture design by using the slogan “Combinations”. The success factors were wood and stone decors in combination with single-colour metallics as well as surfaces with tactile effects. As in 2009, many visitors enjoyed the relaxed, design-oriented atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition site. “In particular, international customers declared our exhibition at Design Post as unique “, said Holger Dzeia, Managing Director of Interprint. “They experienced current European furniture design besides the presentation of our latest decors.”

The Interprint Werkschau fascinated by combining wood and stone decors with single-colour metallics which were arranged on white walls as works of art. Interprint once again expanded the colour range by latest colours. These colours offer numerous design opportunities in interaction with wood and stone structures. In wood, “Swiss Elm” demonstrated its exceptional position. The elm tree decor which was already successful before the fair was also the centre of attention at the Werkschau.

New finish foils with optical pores as well as decors with the topic „Embossed in Register” were further highlights of the exhibition. Beyond optical effects, media stations to feel, smell, hear and taste offered entertaining associations for the senses. “The Werkschau concept with focus on ‘Combinations’ hit the bull’s eye”, said Salvatore Figliuzzi, Head of Marketing and Decor Development. “Wood and stone decors in combination with single-colour metallics or also in connection with tactile effects are currently very popular. Our visitors were impressed with how these surfaces, colours and structures work in different combinations. So we can give them not only inspiration by new decors, but also orientation with combination suggestions for furniture design.”

​During the exhibition of work, the winners of the design competition “open minded” were honoured by the hosts Design Post and Interprint. The task of the competition was to develop a modular furniture with exchangeable laminate surfaces for young adults.

Visitors were impressed with how these surfaces, colours and structures work in different combinations.

Volker Streckel, Manager of Design Post, praised the professionalism of the students’ work both in the design and the presentation. Holger Dzeia, Managing Director of Interprint, was impressed by the participants’ creativity: “We are pleased to present the ten best works during the interzum. The wealth of ideas of the drafts fit perfectly with our philosophy ‘Interprint. Inspiring People’.” A claim which the visitors saw come to realisation in the entire exhibition of work.

The exhibits at Interprint’s Werkschau included not only new décors but also real works of art by the painter Jutta Torres. She exclusively exhibited several pictures at the Design Post. Her artistic repertoire includes socio-critical paintings, sketches, still life and drawings. The artist was enthusiastic about the idea of co-operation with Interprint: “I accepted immediately when Interprint gave me the opportunity to present some of my works. Interprint is well-known for being an extraordinarily creative and innovative company that often goes new ways. This was evident to me from this year’s ‘open-minded’ student competition, in which young designers with unusual design ideas are encouraged and supported.”

(*German for “exhibition of works”)


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