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'transform': Furniture Days in Brazil for the Fifth Time

The World Tour of the Interprint Event Makes a Stopover in South America

The Interprint Furniture Days event has started a world tour to the company's production facilities under the 'transform' motto of the year. One of the first stopovers was Latin America where Interprint do Brasil held the workshop event for the fifth time in a row at the end of March. More than 30 companies of the derived timber product and furniture industries, architects and designers visited the Interprint event location at the furniture hotspot Bento Gonçalves – in the vicinity of Fimma, an internationally renowned furniture supplier trade fair. The guests from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador experienced a dialogue-oriented presentation of selected Interprint decors, colours and trend stories in a relaxed atmosphere.


Zeitgeist Topics

Which topics shape the spirit of our time? The Interprint Design Team identified trends that change the necessities of life and home design for the Furniture Days. The hosts presented current trend stories, decors, colours and surfaces in a relaxed atmosphere and in close interaction with the visitors. The countertrends of digitalisation, the new co-living and co-working trend, the anti-perfectionism and the desire for materiality and naturalness aroused great interest.


Decor Trends

The focal point for decors was, of course, the 'Six Pack' 2017 – six on-focus decor statements for international markets: three oak interpretations – natural, experimental, country-style – a walnut, a chestnut and a marble. All 'Six Pack' decors have one thing in common: A material-based naturalness and an authentic strong character.

Two wood types are dominant in decor innovation: oak and walnut. Stone and concrete looks remain trendy. Creative decors such as Transform, Postman or Textstone are also very popular among the Latin American visitors.


Colours for South America

They harmonise perfectly with the current wood and stone decors: the new Interprint uni-colours. The colouring ranges from natural warmth and neutral softness to hybrid coolness. Powdery matt base colours are beautifully complemented by shiny metallic colours.


Positive Visitor Feedback

The guests of the Brazilian Furniture Days visibly enjoyed escaping from the daily routine and diving into the special atmosphere of the Furniture Days. "A very successful presentation. Some decors are so beautiful that I would have loved to take them home and frame them." That is how a designer congratulated the Interprint Design Team on the decor collection shown in Latin America. Lourdes Manzanares, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing at Interprint do Brasil, also draws a positive conclusion: "The Furniture Days have once again confirmed our leading role for the derived timber product and furniture industries. We were able to discuss design trends and decor innovations with our guests in a relaxed atmosphere – away from the hustle and bustle of a trade fair."


Film impressions of the Furniture Days South America: here


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