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A Changing World: 'transform' Furniture Days in Poland

Interprint Workshop at the DESIGN Arena in Poznań

We live in a world of change, of transformation. In which areas are the current changes apparent – and how do they influence home and workplace design? Answers to these questions were given by the Interprint Furniture Days in Poland, which took place during the Pozna DESIGN Arena trade fair from 14 to 17 March 2017. About one hundred visitors from the furniture and derived timber product industry experienced an impressive presentation of trend stories, decor innovations, worlds of colour and surfaces under the 'transform' motto. Guests from all over Eastern Europe – including Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Russia – visited the Interprint exhibition stand.


Four Zeitgeist Topics

Which are the most important characteristics of this change? Interprint defined four zeitgeist topics that are characteristic for the lifestyle in an era of transformation: de/materialised, non_conform, co-everything and un_limited. Maurizio Burrato of the Interprint Design Team explained the various facets of change to the Interprint Days visitors with the help of fascinating trend stories: A growing desire for materiality as a countertrend to digitalisation (de/materialised), the anti-perfectionism with its intentional imperfection (non_conform), the effects of the new co-living and co-working trend on interior design (co-everything). And the limitless mix of styles and trends in a global, multicultural society (un-limited). The 'transform' event motto was also conveyed by the exhibition set-up, which changed during the presentation.


Six Decor Statements

As in the previous years, the legendary Six Pack decor collection aroused great interest among the visitors. 'Six Pack' 2017 – six self-confident décor statements with a strong potential for international market success. The main topic, oak, is represented by three very different interpretations: natural (Kronberg), experimental (Intra) and country-style (Ladin). As a counterbalance, a softly elegant walnut (Paldao), a chestnut (Nairo) and a dynamic diagonal marble (Lavant). Interprint also convinced visitors with selected decor innovations and experimental creative décors in Poland.


Colours and a Conclusion

Which colours mark the lifestyle of change? The new Interprint uni-colours primarily reflect our desire for nature, harmony and cosiness. Cooler hybrid shades supplement the colour range – and it goes without saying that the popular metallic colours must not be left out. Very popular: golden and copper colours. All Interprint uni-colours perfectly harmonise with the current wood and stone decors.


The visitors to the second Interprint Furniture Days in Poland were impressed. "The event format as a mix of trend stories and the presentation of decors, colours and surfaces delighted our guests," said Sylwia Lasota, Sales and Marketing Manager at Interprint Polska, with joy. The positive feedback of the audience confirms the great market potential in Eastern Europe.


Film impressions of the Furniture Days in Poznań: here


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