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Touchable Naturalness

The Interprint Flooring Trends 2017

In an era of increasingly hectic daily life, the home is being upgraded to make it a place of retreat, warmth and security. In combination with furniture and interior design, strong-character flooring enhances the atmosphere of a room more than ever before.


Interprint's new flooring trends are answers to individual lifestyles and home needs. With its flooring range, the Interprint Design Team fulfils the desire for naturalness and authenticity. The latest flooring décors also stand for a renaissance of materiality: In the age of digitalisation, the desire for something "touchable" increases.


The focus is primarily on three interior design styles: "Nature" as the expression of relaxed naturalness; "Industrial" for all purists who love functionality and imperfection and "Material" as a counter-concept to digital lifestyle – haptic, uncompromising and full of character. Interprint flooring décors are the perfect flooring not only in such settings.


Interprint presents six focused flooring trends for 2017:


Williamsburg: Even textures give this all-over oak its elegance. The weathered, harmonious colouring reminds you of aged wood. Individual drying cracks accentuate the calm overall look.


Oldbury Oak: First sandblasted and then generously whitewashed is what gave this oak flooring its striking look. Knots and the porous materiality of the two-strip parquet flooring give it an industrial elegance or Nordic country style depending on the surroundings.


Redondo: Cross-sawn discs of an oak tree merge to create an extraordinary all-over design. The beauty of the geometry of the annual rings with their subtle medullary rays could not be made more apparent.


Miller's: The material for this two-strip parquet flooring has seasoned for many years. The oak wood developed its liveliness during the air drying process. The haptic look is characterised by light and dark nuances and long cracks.


Cento Cavalli: This chestnut grew to a slender tree in Northern Italy. The natural grain with embedded knots and the well-balanced play of colours result in a completely harmonious all-over design.


Margo: Walnut with a soft expression that benefited from the mild climate in Southern Europe. The colouring ranges from dark to transparent; small and larger knots break up the all-over look and bring it to perfection.

  • Williamburg

  • Williamsburg

  • Oldbury Oak

  • Redondo

  • Redondo

  • Millers

  • Millers

  • Cento Cavalli

  • Margo

  • In the age of digitalisation, the desire for something "touchable" increases.

​The new Interprint flooring designs with their authentic naturalness are an asset to any room, regardless of the wood type, colouring and design.