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SIX PACK 2017: Strong Characters

Interprint presents self-confident décor statements

In a world of fast changes, the design of living space primarily reflects individual needs and desires. The Interprint Design Team gives valuable orientation in the multiplicity of possibilities: With its 'Six Pack' 2017, the international décor printer presents six focused décor statements with great potential for international market success.


The new 'Six Pack' was presented early for the first time during the Interprint Furniture Days in Arnsberg at the beginning of November: The décors proved their strong character not only as décor material versions (melamine surface, Xelio finish foil, edge banding, thermoplastic foil, EIR surface) but also directly on furniture.


The Interprint décor recommendations are self-confident interpretations of current trends and styles. The main oak topic is presented in three very different interpretations: from experimental and natural to handicraft country-style. One marble design, one chestnut design and one walnut design embody authentic lifestyles. The attraction of all six décors lies in their strong materiality and naturalness.

  • Intra

  • Kronberg

  • Ladin

  • Lavant

  • Nairo

  • Paldao

The 'Six Pack' decors are self-confident interpretations of current trends and styles.

Intra. Independent. Angular. Experimental. The faults, cracks and leaching of this black stained oak show signs of natural wear and tear. In contrast to darker wood, the original bright colour has been revealed here and there. This makes it easier to combine the decor with other materials and uni colours.


Kronberg. This planked oak originated from old railway sleepers. The timber, strongly parched by the sun for years, displays authentic discolourations, seasonal marks and cracks. Completely natural.


Ladin. Striking oak in a rustic mountain chalet look. Sandblasting and brushing techniques have transformed the original wood and given it a rough appeal. In this way, an effect has been achieved that nature would have needed decades for.


Lavant. Horizontal becomes diagonal: The texture of this marble creates completely new 45 degree aesthetics. This makes it convincing on work surfaces and on the front of furniture. Alternating quartzite sections create an intensive white-grey interplay of colours. The overall unconventional impression is rounded off by a trendy matt finish.


Nairo. A very original chestnut with a rough texture. The wood has greyed partially due to weathering. The decor displays a broad range of natural colour nuances. It also owes its vivid look to the counterflowing flowers and branches.


Paldao. This decor is named after a tropical timber that is often used instead of walnut. Inspired by the strong character of the image of the original material, a surprising reinterpretation has been achieved. Cut flowers and light-dark nuances add depth. Now a stylish walnut classic with an unmistakable look.


The look & feel of the new Interprint décor trends primarily harmonise with three of the currently popular design styles: 'Nature' as an expression of relaxed naturalness, 'Industrial' for all purists who like imperfection and functionality, and 'Material' as haptic, uncompromising counter concept to the digital lifestyle. With their authentic naturalness, the 'Six Pack' décors are just as trendy as timeless.


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