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Furniture Days in North America: Successful Debut

Interprint workshop made stopover in Pittsfield / USA

Furniture Days kickoff for Interprint North America: The renowned industry event took place in Pittsfield, Massachusetts / USA, home of Interprint's US production facility, for the first time from 18 May to 29 July 2016. Well-known representatives from the North American furniture and derived timber product industry intensively discussed the meta-trend of time under the 'on focus' motto. Interprint USA was pleased to welcome participants from the US and Canada to the Berkshire hills region of Massachusetts.


Décor Trends in Quick Motion

The visitors of the Furniture Days event in Pittsfield had an extraordinary experience of 'the present': They experienced, in quick motion, a complete day in just under one hour – at various stations like the bathroom, office, bar or living room. The Interprint Design Team presented the internationally most popular Interprint décors, main colours and accent colours adapted to the specific conditions of North American markets. Trendy 'hands-on' stories were further highlights of the multisensory overall production. The 'Clark' maple design was one of several décors that received a very positive feedback.


Positive Impressions

The Furniture Days North America event was communicated and promoted by an event website and corresponding social media activities. Peter Garlington, Design Director of Interprint USA, was very satisfied with the result: "Furniture Days provided an ideal setting for intensive talks with decision-makers from the furniture and derived timber product industries in the USA and Canada. The absolutely positive response of our visitors confirms that our concept was completely successful. We will be able to further strengthen our position in the North American market because of this."


North America was another stopover of the Furniture Days' world tour. It started at Interprint's headquarters in Germany in the autumn of 2015 and has since then had stopovers in, for example, Poland, Russia, China and Brazil.

  • Furniture Days provided an ideal setting for intensive talks ...