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On Focus: The New ‘Six Pack’

Interprint Sets Visual Accents for Décor Trends in 2016

In our busy lives, nothing is more valuable than time. The decisive moment is "now". "Less" is the new more. Interprint features this trend with its 'Six Pack':  From the wealth of textures, colours and wood types, the Interprint designers selected six trendsetting décors with international success potential for 2016. Unique in the sector is that their recommendations are based on the feedback from two hundred companies of the furniture and derived timber products industries during the Interprint Furniture Days 2015.

  • Eureka

  • Pordoi

  • Altendorf

  • Veneto

  • Ravello

  • Clark

​Authentic, strong in character, experimental. That is how the six favourite décors of the new 'Six Pack' present themselves. Striking: The overall picture, texture and colour give much greater distinction to the look and feel than the wood type. An easy change of context, for example through different colouring, is possible at any time.

Authentic, strong in character experimental.

Eureka: What a discovery! Oak with the potential to become the urban trendsetter. The natural, authentic character of the décor is deepened by a distinctive porosity and accentuated knots. A real transformation of the new elegance.

Pordoi: As clear as a mountain stream is the grain of this fine Swiss stone pine. Does it smell of forest? The calming aura of the décor is no imagination: Multifaceted play of colour with knots as contrast points.

Altendorf: Heroic epic of a tree. It is really hard-wearing: The cutting blades of a circular saw. Sand-blasted finishing. And finally the rising up like a Phoenix from the ashes as if nothing had happened. Experimental décor art at its best.

Veneto: The high flyer. A marble structure like an aerial view: River arms and mountain ranges. A lively cloud effect of the grey and brown shades in large unobtrusive repeats. It does not have to be the renaissance villa in Florence. It also fits elsewhere.

Ravello: The handsome unknown: Takes any room by storm. Colour and texture remind you of planks faded by the sun, a change of context dared and won, exotic wood becoming European. People and furniture can only feel comfortable with this décor.

Clark: This maple stands its ground. Robust, independent, mad. Persistent on the way to great success: Definitely ideal on large furniture fronts.  A décor that also knows how to put the cuts into the limelight.

With its focused selection of trendy décors, the Interprint design team again provides valuable guidance for the design of a nice home ambience.

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