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The Intensity of the Moment

‘ON FOCUS’ – The Interprint Furniture Days 2015

Experiencing a complete day in just an hour – this intensive time experience was had by the visitors of the Interprint Furniture Days 2015 under the 'On Focus' motto. The international décor printing company from Arnsberg, Germany, invited for the ninth time to its annual workshop event, which ranks highly for many industry representatives. Guests from more than 200 companies from the furniture and derived timber products industries in Europe and overseas visited one of the three presentations held daily by the Interprint Design Team at the beginning of November.


Time as a Meta Trend

The Furniture Days 2014 under the 'Into Spaces' motto were about the materialisation of space. In 2015, the 'On Focus' motto reflected the focus on the visualisation and experienceability of time.  In a rapidly accelerated reality of life, the meta trend 'time' consolidates into a search for the intensity of the moment. The appreciation of contemporaneity is also a central topic in the design of home and life environments.

  • Salvatore Figliuzzi, Marketing & Design Manager, explains the motto of the Furniture Days 2015. This year, it was all about the ‘Time’ theme.

  • The visitors experience the course of a day in about one hour. First station in the morning: the bathroom. The theme here: accent colours and main colours.

  • Short stopover on the way to work at the kiosk: opportunity for further time stories and décor topics.

  • Salvatore Figliuzzi and Daniel Heitkamm explain the ‘Simplicity or Complexity’ topic.

  • New types of surface design and the interplay of visual and haptic effects are the main topics at the ‘office’ station.

  • Maurizio Burrato talks about the meanwhile advanced possibilities of 3D printing.

  • ‘Reditional’ – translating traditions into contemporaneity – is the topic in the ‘bar’.

  • A ‘bar’ must always have a piano: today, it’s a ‘Makey Makey’ – an innovation with which you can play piano on the hands of the visitors.

  • The presentation team of the Furniture Days (from left to right): Salvatore Figliuzzi (Marketing & Design Manager), Daniel Heitkamm and Maurizio Burrato from the Interprint Design Team.

Experiencing a Change of Context

Inspired by this trend, the IP Team created an impressive workshop that tracked down and re-interpreted stories about the 'time' theme. After the welcome reception at Interprint's Design Centre, a clear change of context in an adjacent warehouse: In a selectively illuminated setting, the visitors experienced the 24 hours of a day 'in fast motion' in about 60 minutes. A dream room, a bathroom, a kiosk in the park, an office, a bar, a home: Unusual time stories and the presentation of Interprint décors were combined at six day stations by using visual and audio effects and were made experienceable in a changing context by the Interprint Design Team.

In 2015, the 'On Focus' motto reflected the focus on the visualisation and experienceability of time.

Time Stories

An illustrative contrast of complexity and simplicity symbolised that there are always at least two ways to reach the goal. Every company chooses its own individual route leading to the suitable product-service package for the customer at its end. 'Reditional' – with this neologism, the Interprint Design Team illustrated the trend of putting traditional shapes and designs into a new contemporary context.


Décor Trends in the Stream of Time

The large range of décors presented at the Furniture Days showed: Trends have never been more varied. The individual interpretation of the trend statements made by Interprint is therefore all the more important for its own industry, its own market. Colour and design give modern décors their character and put them in a new context regardless of the wood type. Elegance often replaces country style. The combination of a main décor and an accent décor is masterly: Main décors become effective accent décors and vice versa depending on the context. Main décor colours are predominantly grey shades; yellow plays an important role as an accent colour. The choice includes a wide range of single colours that preferably have a matt look with a slightly 'grey touch'. Away from synchronous textures, new types of surface design ensure a lively interplay of look and haptics.


On the basis of these accentuations and the feedback of the visitors, the Interprint Team will design its 'Six Pack 2016': A focused décor selection with great market potential. Interprint continues to opt for authentic design regardless of current trends. With their independent character, the natural overall look and the striking design, Interprint décors create the atmosphere for pleasant life and home moments.


The Interprint Design Team also has ambitious plans for 2016: The Furniture Days will then go on a world tour in order to reach about 500 companies at the international Interprint locations around the world. The tour will start with the Furniture Days in Russia this year.


Film impressions and backgrounds of the Interprint Furniture Days 2015: here