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Olá Brasil

Production Started at New Location in Curitiba

Interprint started production at the new location in Curitiba, Brazil, in summer this year. The international décor printer will be able to serve the requirements of customers in South America from this new production location even better than before. Interprint wants to intensively expand its presence further in the South American market with this investment.


"Our investment in Brazil is long-term. We do not think in terms of quarterly results and short-term business," said Lourdes Manzanares, Sales & Marketing Director of Interprint do Brasil, with a view to the current weakness of the Brazilian market.

  • Interprint’s new production location in Curitiba in the Brazilian federal state of Paraná

  • A look into the production area

  • The top management team of Interprint do Brasil (from the left to the right): Alexandre Devoglio (Technical Director), Lourdes Manzanares (Sales and Marketing Director), Bruno Pereira (Administration and Finance Director)

  • Team spirit and job satisfaction in a multicultural environment: People from five different countries work at Interprint do Brasil

​As imported goods – including furniture components – are relatively expensive in Brazil due to the weak national currency, Interprint expects significant growth stimuli from its 30 million euro investment. At the same time, the company sees the possibility of developing new market potentials in the furniture and derived timber products industries throughout the continent. The customers benefit from a comprehensive service package and shorter delivery periods and distances.

Our investment in Brazil is long-term. We do not think in terms of quarterly results and short-term business.

Closer to trends, customers and market

The team at the new location understands the local requirements when it comes to taste, design appeal, needs and cultural aspects. True to Interprint's "think global, act local" motto, the marketing concept was adapted to the requirements of the South American market.  "Our customers currently need a partner more than a printer. A partner who helps them to successfully market the products in a difficult environment," explained Manzanares. The focus is therefore on the analysis of consumer behaviour and trends, which are compared with the customer's portfolio. On this basis, consumption-oriented product solutions are developed in a targeted manner and combined with a suitable service package. Interprint's trend competence in combination with high product and service quality gives customers additional certainty.


In this connection, Interprint counts on longstanding customer relationships in Brazil. The décor printer has operated a sales office there since 2011. "The strong design orientation and our local presence in the market are often rewarded by South American customers in that they regard Interprint as the preferred partner for décor development and production," explained Manzanares. "We at Interprint do Brasil are optimistic about the future for as long as we offer a considerable customer benefit that makes our partners successful."



Interprint do Brasil – Facts and Figures


Location: Curitiba / Paraná

Premises: 70,000 m2

Production facilities and office building: 11,000 m2

Printing machines: 2   (printing width: 2.25 m)

Production capacity: 10.000 t

Impregnation channels for melamine films: 1   (from the end of 2015)

Production capacity: 35 million m2 per year

Total investment:   EUR 30 million


Lourdes Manzanares (Director Sales and Marketing)

Alexandre Devoglio (Technical Director)

Bruno Pereira (Director Administration and Finance)