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Combinations: The Interprint Werkschau 2011

Interprint@Design Post 2.0: New wood décors, single-colour metallic décors and haptic effects

After its enthusiastic premiere in 2009, Interprint will again exhibit in Cologne’s ‘home of design’ during this year’s interzum trade fair. The company will show its collection within the scope of a ‘Werkschau’ (German for ‘Exhibition of Works’) from 25th to 28th May 2011 in the foyer of the Design Post. The visitors will experience the ‘Combinations’ exhibition theme at different sensory levels. Wall and floor exhibits, objects or media stations will make complexity interactive. Another main feature will be the exhibition of winning furniture designs from the ‘open-minded’ design competition, which Interprint had organised with the Design Post.

In the Design Post, collections from the most renowned international brands will give an overview of the most interesting interior design themes – Interprint will join this group of exhibitors during its stay there.

​ “We are looking forward to being a guest again in the Design Post,” said Salvatore Figliuzzi, Marketing and Décor Development Manager at Interprint. “Here, we have the possibility of showing our décors in a large space by presenting not only products but also design concepts.”

Combined by Interprint
‘Combinations‘ is a word that one can see, feel and even hear at the Werkschau. All senses are involved when visual and haptic effects, surfaces and colours, material and décor are combined. The main feature will be combinations of wood structures with brilliant single-colour metallic décors; Interprint again extended its colour range of the industry-leading ‘Pearl Perfect’ metallic effect – from clear metallic looks, warm mother-of-pearl shades to soft darker colours. Other Interprint exhibits combine surfaces with inspiring motifs and materials.
Visual pore is a further important subject for which Interprint will offer interesting variations as décor exhibits. And last but not least, sensory stations and works objects produce further perception levels for the ‘Combinations’ theme.

Visitors who stroll further through the Design Post will find selected designs for modular furniture systems in the ‘Competition Boulevard’. Working jointly with the Design Post, Interprint started an international student competition and searched for creative ideas for laminate surfaces. Students from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Saar University of Fine Arts and Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz (Poland) took part in the competition. “More than 25 project works were submitted, the top 10 of which will be seen in the Design Post,” explained Dorthe Brink, Interior Designer and Interprint Product Manager. “We are impressed by the unconventional approaches of some young designers. They show a great open-mindedness for laminated materials that emphasise the intrinsic value of the material.” A seven-member jury of design and furniture experts selected the best competition works.

Interprint in the Design Post 2011: Visitors to this Werkschau will take away great inspirations for furniture and interior design, and enjoy an exclusive and comfortable ambience. Only a few steps from the east exit of the Cologne exhibition centre.