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‘Red Dot’ for Interprint

Award in the ‘Communication Design’ category for the ‘Into Spaces’ concept

Interprint received the coveted 'Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015' for its holistic 'Into Spaces' communication concept. The communication of the international décor printer was therefore awarded the 'Red Dot' for the second time after receiving the 'Red Dot' Award for its 'Living in Contrasts' décor book in 2013. The marketing communication of the Arnsberg-based company has already received several renowned awards for design in the past. For example, 'Into Spaces' received a double award from the Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC) in May this year.


Each year, a comprehensive concept covers all marketing communication elements of the décor printer, ranging from the invitation to exhibitions and customer workshops to the Design Centre's facade in Arnsberg.

  • The ‘Into Spaces’ communication concept was created and implemented together with the Cologne-based Lamoto Agency. The central question is: How is atmosphere in a room created and which role do furniture and flooring décors play?

    It was only in the course of this process that we realised how multi-facetted this topic is.

Multi-facetted topic

"'Into Spaces' was a process in which we developed a concept from an idea with the objective of creating different (room) atmospheres," said Salvatore Figliuzzi, Décor Development & Marketing Manager at Interprint. "It was only in the course of this process that we realised how multi-facetted this topic is."


The starting point of the considerations was the usual shape of a room: four walls, a floor and a ceiling. But how is atmosphere created? By the interplay of materials, colours and textures, design, light and architecture. They stimulate human senses in various ways. Once you enter a room, these components merge into a complete whole in the viewer's head. One component is the décor.


For Interprint, 'Into Spaces' is not only the concept for communication but also for décor design.  "This conceptual approach really encouraged us in our décor design and finally resulted in décors that create atmosphere," said Salvatore Figliuzzi. "To that end, the Interprint team grapples every day with everything that 'Into Spaces' is.


The 'Red Dot Award' has been awarded by the Design Centre of North Rhine Westphalia for 60 years – an award for extraordinarily good design. Achim Zolke, Head of Communications of the Red Dot Design Award / Design Centre of North Rhine Westphalia said: "The 'Red Dot' is only awarded for work that could convince the jury with its extraordinary design. Various criteria are used for the assessment. These include, for example, originality, emotional quality, target group oriented appeal, recognition value, haptics and look."