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frank.stein Magazine 01.2015

Issue “Into Spaces”

​When we imagine a room, we think, first of all, of four walls, a floor and a ceiling. But that is not the end of the story. Above all, the empty room, still unused and neutral, exists only in theory. If we wish to design rooms, we have to consider the factors which define a room. At the Furniture Days in November 2014 , the decor printer Interprint has investigated precisely this question. We were able to see that a room is more than just its three-dimensionality. Not only people who would like to successfully design, sell, present or position furniture gained important ideas and stimuli from the presentation. Perhaps one could also say that, through the Furniture Days, the unused room – as also the colour White – have lost their supposed innocence. How that was possible and why even imitations can satisfy our increasing need for authenticity, is something you will learn from this issue.

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