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Interprint is presenting six décor favourites

​Many décors, reflection and opinions of experts. Renowned representatives of the furniture and derived timber products sectors meet with the Interprint team every year during the “Interprint Furniture Days” workshop at the Design Centre in Arnsberg to intensively discuss which décors have the greatest market potential. The latest trend forecast by the Interprint Design Team was confirmed. They are striking, strong-character décors that are very prominent.

  • Lexington

  • Ambassador

  • Vinterbergh

​That this trend forecast works is shown by the “Iconic” beech décor, a highlight of the “Six Pack 2014” collection. It has established itself with great sovereignty in the current furniture collections of the manufacturers.

The six favourite wood décors are the result of passion, strong visual ideas, craftsmanship and a feel for natural wood and trends.

The new “success-promising six” are called Lexington, Ambassador, Calobra, Clark, Cadiz and Vinterbergh. They fulfil the wish for “room atmosphere” – from home-oriented to elegant and lively. Interprint proudly presents “The Six Pack 2015”.

Lexington – home-oriented.
Local and regional is a long-standing cult, home-country feeling is modern again. Oak is a part of that. The special feature here: numerous different types of oak are combined in this décor – for numerous possibilities of designing your own four walls.

Ambassador – elegant.
As a child, we have sat in amazement and still in many walnut-veneered dining rooms. This wonderful wood is still impressive today. It is fine but can also be an understatement. Super Retro Style.

Calobra – lively.
Simply close your eyes and think about a first warm beach day. Open your eyes again and the good feeling remains. Alder is a wood with the colour of sand. It makes you think about walking barefooted on planks. Nice mind cinema.

Clark – independent.
Categorisation is not possible. The décor is different, wild and independent. Obviously maple but different to that what one has often seen. To where does this look belong? Preferably to the design of the sixties.

Cadiz – unmistakable.
Immediately recognisable as teak. Completely rough and nothing halfway. Without doubt a definite style. The unmistakable wood confidently shows its signs. A décor with which one has already lived well and gladly.

Vinterbergh – analogue digital.
A pine of course but one that got its final touch on the computer monitor. First craft and then software. The décor is difficult to beat because it is unique. Young and fresh, new lifestyle, so much is certain.

"The Six Pack 2015". The six favourite wood décors are the result of passion, strong visual ideas, craftsmanship and a feel for natural wood and trends.

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