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ADC Awards for ´Into Spaces´

Interprint received two awards for its ‘Into Spaces’ event concept in 'Corporate Event' and 'Communication in Space' categories

A great honour for Interprint GmbH: The international décor printing company received two awards for its 'Into Spaces' event concept from the Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC). At the 51st ADC Competition and Festival in Hamburg, Interprint was the only company that received an award in the 'Event / Corporate Event' category. 'Into Spaces' received the second best award, the 'Silver Nail', in the 'Communication in Space – Temporary Brand-Related Work' category. 'Into Spaces' was the title and the central theme of the Interprint Furniture Days 2014, a trend-oriented workshop with annually changing motto at Interprint's headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. With the Furniture Days, Interprint involves its customers at an early stage in the development of new décors.

  • ​An ADC award is like an accolade in the creative world. Unusual: As supplier of an industrial intermediate product, the décor printer was awarded for its creativity. Interprint décors are used for surfaces of derived timber products, furniture and laminate flooring. For comparison: In the 'Communication in Space – Temporary Brand-Related Work' category, the Silver Nail Award presented to Interprint is followed by an Award to the Audi premium brand for its exhibition stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

    Creativity is produced by challenging usual perspectives and lines of thought.

Varied examination of the 'Space' term

The 'Into Spaces' design motto deals with the question of how atmosphere is created in a space or room and which influence décors have on it. The term 'space' is not only understood in a physical way but also presented from a multi-perspective point of view: for example, from a social, acoustic or cultural perspective in the form of private space, sound space and language area.  The unusual realisation of room scenarios at the company's headquarters in Arnsberg attracted representatives of 175 companies from the international furniture and derived timber product sectors to the Furniture Days in the autumn of 2014.

"Creativity is produced by challenging usual perspectives and lines of thought," said Salvatore Figliuzzi, Décor Development & Marketing Manager at Interprint, "and this intention is pursued by the 'Into Spaces' concept". Interprint does not restrict itself to the supplier role and wants to give its customers new ideas and serve as a creative sparring partner. "The Furniture Days workshop is not a lecturing event; it is an event aimed at dialogue and interaction," said Figliuzzi. The ADC Awards and the growing popularity of the Furniture Days that were held for the eighth time in the autumn of 2014 confirm the concept of the Arnsberg-based company.  

Interprint's partners made decisive contributions to this success. The overall concept and the architecture were designed by the Cologne-based DIIIP architectural office. The graphic design concept of 'Into Spaces' was created by the Lamoto Design Agency, which is also based in Cologne. Sound and media for the 'Into Spaces' installations originate from the Dusseldorf-based audio-visual service provider 'Warped Type'.