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Another Award:

Interprint wins coveted iF Design Award 2015

The international décor printer based in Arnsberg adheres to its design philosophy and the feedback is rewarding: The ‘Points of View’ communication concept by Interprint won the prestigious iF Design Award 2015 in the ‘Brand Identity’ category.

“Fantastic, for the second year in succession! A great honour for our passion of presenting anew the Interprint design motto each year,” said Salvatore Figliuzzi, Décor Development and Marketing Manager delightedly, sharing the joy about the success with the Interprint team. The ‘Points of View’ design concept 2014 is based on the idea that everyone has their own perspective but simultaneously wants to be given new inspiration. The exchange of information with its partners – experts from the furniture and derived timber products industries, is therefore very important for Interprint. Because the knowledge of current trends, innovative technologies and changes in the market facilitates the joint development of products that will be successful in the market.

‘Points of View’ stands for a new perspective of things and an integrated communication concept that Interprint has consistently and convincingly implemented on a broad basis – ranging from the Internet Furniture Days 2013 to all print and online media and the exhibition stand concept at the ZOW 2014 trade fair. Even the facade of the Interprint Design Centre in Arnsberg is given a facelift every year – always in line with the current design motto.

The recurring theme in graphic design was a masking tape that marks many points of view and reflects the analysis of various perspectives. This idea becomes tangible in Interprint’s Décor Book 2014/2015 which combines décors with quotations of new lines of thought.

A great honour for our passion of presenting anew the Interprint design motto each year.

 The book can be rotated and turned over so that the viewer can discover the contents from different perspectives.

‘Points of View’ were architecturally implemented in the ZOW 2014 exhibition stand concept. Alone the exterior view, oblique but geometric exhibition sections with décor surfaces that could be experienced visually and haptically attracted the visitors. Inside the stand, visitors could discover reflecting designer furniture in cross-hatched niches or let themselves be seemingly observed by surveillance cameras. A strange ‘change of perspectives’.

With its design concept, Interprint has created a real ‘brand identity’ - ranging from the small invitation card to the spacious exhibition stand. That was also confirmed by the jury of the prestigious design award consisting of 53 jurors from 20 countries. For this year’s iF Design Award, the jury assessed 4,783 submissions from 2,102 contestants from 53 countries. The iF Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in Germany.

Further information at: www.ifdesign.de