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New Flooring for Room Atmospheres

Interprint Flooring Days 2015

What does it take to create modern rooms with an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable? That was the key question Interprint asked itself prior to the development of new flooring décors.

The holistic approach is decisive for Interprint’s design team: Which atmosphere should a room radiate and what does that mean for the flooring design? The Interprint team is convinced that the room atmosphere will in the near future be above all marked by design elements that we know from the ‘Scandinavian Design’. The type of surface will play a special role that will be almost more important than the wood type. Very appealing are surfaces worked by hand that result in a distinctive and expressive look but still have an elegant and not rustic effect. The wood décor colours are predominantly light and medium colours, partly with a slight blue-greyish touch and dark pores.

The mood of a room is further upgraded in combination with single colours. Interprint is currently presenting a range of Visual Perfect single colours that captivate with a slightly powdery, matt ‘grey touch’. These colours can be perfectly integrated into trendy home atmospheres. And these are the new flooring décors:

Fame. The Famous.
The beech classic was re-invented. This neoclassic décor is one of the most popular ones and also cuts a fine figure as a flooring décor. Its features: soft planking, typical beech elements and a varied colour composition. The viewer quickly warms to “Fame”.

Benton Oak. The Flexible.
Lively and yet calming. This oak shows an atmospheric variety through knots and flowers. Haptics follows the look and a slight, coming and going, white pore supports this impression. The flooring décor looks harmonious and natural and adapts to its environment, regardless of whether in a country house or in the city.

Jam. The Creative.
Welcome to a painter’s atelier. This is a floor worked and lived on. A distinctive, transparent patina remained after the refurbishment of the ash floorboards. A beautiful detail that is authentic and charming. The viewer feels the creative atmosphere.

  • Fame

  • Fame

  • Benton Oak

  • Jam

  • Jam

  • Junkers

  • Junkers

  • Kanvas

  • Yew

  • The mood of a room is further upgraded in combination with single colours.

Junkers. The Stylish.
Patina can also be very unobtrusive. The all-over décor is based on a Southern European chestnut and proves true style. Northern Italy sends its greetings. With its soft structure and natural look, Junkers is very trendy. The flooring décor is the best choice for elegant, unpretentious design.

Kanvas. The Unusual.
A floor that stands out from the crowd. The creative décor is characterised by a mix of mesh and flat structures. They run cross-wise, alternate with colour gradations and are in line with the current ‘textile look’ trend. A lot happens in this décor so that especially the combination with unobtrusive and graphical shapes creates an exciting atmosphere.

Yew. The Harmonious.
Any style is possible when this décor plays a role. “Yew” can even unite contrasts and harmonise a room impression. An unusual yew décor with twisted knots in a lively environment. Elegant and special. Attractive and subtle. A décor that appeals to many people.

Interprint’s new trendy décors allow the use of floor designs to create an individual atmosphere in the room – with different styles but always with authenticity. Because the ‘felt authenticity’ of the décors is characteristic of the international décor printing company in Arnsberg.