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Interprint Furniture Days 2014

‘Into Spaces’ in Arnsberg / Germany

‘Into Spaces’ was the central theme and inspiration for a special type of workshop that again proved to be a visitor attraction in 2014:  The ‘Interprint Furniture Days’, which is restaged each year, took place for the 8th time in a row. This year, the participants could consciously experience how an ambience develops in space and where humans reach their own limits of perception.

The unusual realisation of space concepts attracted visitors from 175 companies this year. A significant increase compared to last year 2013 where 130 companies were represented. Over a period of three weeks, the Interprint Design Team gave three trend presentations per day that inspired and opened new lines of thought.

The Interprint team involves customers and partners from the furniture and derived timber product industries in the décor development process each year during the Furniture Days. And that at a much earlier stage than usual for the sector. The workshop has significantly gained in popularity during the past seven years and has become an event that is much talked about in the sector. A decisive advantage for all participants: The exchange of information on current developments and trends allows each participant to take home important ideas for décor processing.

Exploring Space
People perceive space differently. Regardless of whether it is living or working space, light, colour or sound space, you can individually fill and experience it. This year’s presentation took the visitors on a tour through the entire company. Each visitor could get his/her own space experience at various stations: Where does a space start and where does it end? Which ambience does it convey? When do you feel comfortable in it? Questions that arouse creative confrontations.

Experiencing Space Boundaries
The work with space is the ‘bread and butter’ and the passion of Interprint and its furniture industry partners. They all design space elements that give life to this space. As ‘upgrade’ so to speak. The ‘Into Spaces’ tour started in the central courtyard of the Interprint Design Centre – in a square – the archetype of space. Two log cabins, which showed identical boundary limits outside but their own boundary limits inside, demonstrated how different the effect of two identical spaces can be. Reflections create endless vastness and depth but isolation and silence give an uncomfortable feeling of confinement. Both the visual and the acoustic perception of space are always individual. The next station: The linking of different space levels, like the language, culture and outer space areas, through the Voyager spacecraft. Another station addressed the private space, i.e. privacy, which everyone demands, such as keeping others at an arm’s length.

Space Trends – New Ideas
The question is, how do you create a contemporary ‘space ambience’, in which people feel comfortable? The Interprint team sees the trend that the ‘feel-good’ atmosphere will in the near future be above all marked by design elements that we know from the ‘Scandinavian Design’. The presented wide range of new wood décors showed that the type of surface finish was almost more important than the wood type. The focus was on 3D effects and surfaces worked by hand that result in a distinctive and expressive look but still have an elegant rather than rustic effect. The wood décor colours were predominantly light colours with a slightly bluish-grey touch and dark pores.

​Some visitors had a pleasant ‘déjà vu’ feeling: The redefined ‘Iconic’ beech décor presented during the Furniture Days 2013 is now a popular décor that can be found in the product range of renowned furniture and derived timber product manufacturers. It has successfully established itself in the market and become ‘a new classic’.

We reinvent the Furniture Days with much passion each year.

The new stone décors, textile looks and graphic textures are also noteworthy. A new colour range of Visual Perfect single colours captivated with a slightly powdery, matt ‘grey touch’. They can be perfectly integrated into home atmospheres.

When space boundaries disappear
An old American school bus – ‘mobile space’ from a different cultural area so to speak – took the visitors to the next station: ‘The American way of driving’ ensured good entertainment.
The tour continued through Interprint’s production area to the ‘Blob’. Standing inside a textile balloon filled with air, the visitors felt as if they were in the middle of an air bubble that was filled with a composition of light, colour and sound. The resulting spatial feeling was very special. Boundaries and horizons simply disappeared. Certainly one of the highlights of ‘Into Spaces’.

Shades of White
The second part of the décor presentation was dominated by the probably best-selling colour of the furniture and derived timber product industries: white. An interesting idea of the Interprint team showed what a complex and high-quality effect this colour can have. The inspiration behind it was the Beatles’ ‘White Album’. If you take a close look at a number of these albums today, you can see that time has discoloured the white covers to a different degree. That is how the idea of ‘Shades of White’ – a range of white colours with different colour nuances - developed.

Interior Design and Technology
Product innovations, ideas and inspirations for décor processing were also subjects of the Furniture Days. The discussions were predominantly about new possibilities in hot-coating finishing, the optimisation of impregnatability of white shades, additional application areas for existing EIR press structures and printing innovations for the recognition of product copies.

Salvatore Figliuzzi, Head of Marketing and Décor Development, who presented together with Maurizio Burrato and Daniel Heitkamm from the design team, was pleased about the positive response by the visitors. “We reinvent the Furniture Days with much passion each year. The only thing that never changes is that we want to inspire our customers and partners and have a creative exchange of information and ideas so that we can then jointly develop successful products. That is a great challenge but I think it is also our duty to give the customers, who come from all over Europe and elsewhere, a lot of ideas to take with them. That is the purpose of the workshop. If we finally succeed in sustainably inspiring the visitors – and the feedback was simply great – we will of course be even more motivated next year.”

Our short movie gives you some impressions of this workshop:

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