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New Trends, New Faces, New Décors

Interprint do Brasil presents the “Six Pack 2014”

Interprint do Brasil exhibited new trend décors, which particularly offer a promising potential for the South American market, at the “Holiday Inn - Parque Anhembi” hotel in Sao Paulo within the scope of the “ForMóbile 2014” trade fair. A good opportunity for customers to get to know the company better and to exchange information on current trends and consumer wishes.

Interprint do Brasil had the opportunity of showing its market presence once again during the trade fair that is so important for the South American furniture supply industry. The team has expanded and was pleased about the attendance of more than 80 partners of the derived timber product and furniture industries from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. The difference between trends and fashion became clear during entertaining presentations, and numerous discussions were held about end user expectations and the “Six Pack 2014” – a focused selection of the most popular Interprint décors. Other trend décors and single colours were also spotlighted and shown in exciting combinations during the presentations. 

​Maurizio Burrato from the Interprint design team illustrated in small groups how the Interprint employees cultivate their creativity in order to continuously create something new and never before seen.

Our customers really enjoyed the time spent with us.

At the end of the presentations that took place not far from the exhibition site, the participants were invited to contribute their own ideas and inspirations and to combine the décors. The result of the handwritten input could be read on a wall and was unambiguous: Creativity is produced if you manage to escape from your everyday job routine, do something completely different and change your point view. Interprint’s design motto 2014 “Points of View” therefore appears to be the perfect basis for creativity. As far as the combination of designs is concerned, it was clearly evident that a mix of wood, metal and stone looks is highly acceptable and that authentic wood looks and natural wood are also very popular in South America.

Lourdes Manzanares, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Interprint do Brasil, stated with great enthusiasm: “It was very important for us to show our customers that we are there for them. Our aim was to introduce the people that represent Interprint do Brasil and to convey the passion with which we develop and implement our ideas.  As far as the décors are concerned, I was not only very pleased about the success of the new décor combinations but also about a noticeable ‘revival of classics’, i.e. classic wood with new looks. And the best of all: Our customers really enjoyed the time spent with us because the feedback was simply excellent.”