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Flooring Trends 2014 by Interprint

The international décor printer from Arnsberg (Germany) creates décors with remarkable features. They are distinctively natural, absolutely authentic and have a strong character. The décors come from all parts of the earth and bring along a life story that can be seen and experienced. As diverse as the décor range may be, each single décor is individually exciting.

And what are the trends for the coming year? Certainly diverse. The flooring décors range from native and precious to archaic. They show signs of use but also perfection and reflect the course of nature. A variety with character will decorate the floors in 2014. A few really interesting personalities are presented here.


A trendy and calm wooden look from the far end of the world. The popular apple variety from New Zealand is a cross-breed of Braeburn and Royal Gala. The wood of the impressive fruit tree shows a mild, fine-pored grain, is very independent and harmonious in the play of colours but also very distinctive and interspersed with typically dark latewood lines. As a country-house floorboard, it is a fresh, modern counterpart to contemporary design.


It’s not what you say but how you say it. The legendary Neal Cassady would certainly have liked it too. The sen wood with a fine, slightly dark negative pore makes a very friendly impression in the room.  In the form of a country-house floorboard with brushed pores, it has a grain that makes the beat. The heartwood elements that extend like nuances to the edges are evident but not dominant. A finely structured, harmonious overall picture.

Jackson Oak

This oak flooring in the form of country-house floorboards that has been danced on. The oak with 3D effect has a cool ‘used character’ as if Jackson’s Moonwalk had been practised on it. The structured surface of Jackson Oak shows clear, rounded-off pores and fine, decent medullary rays. Intergrown knots, a slight cracking in the knot elements and an intensive play of colours, which was produced by a thermal treatment, give this flooring décor its very individual look.

  • Jazz

  • Jazz

  • Cassady

  • Jackson Oak

  • Jackson Oak

  • Rusty Plates

  • White Coast

  • Jeffreys

  • Jeffreys

  • The common denominator of décors by Interprint is and remains the authenticity.

Rusty Plates

This creative décor is a true chameleon. The viewer recognises exactly what he wants to see. Dark rusty shades, i.e. ‘Rusty Plates’ and light, medium beige shades in a ‘natural stone’ look.  Any format can be cut from the all-over décor that is characterised by its multi-style talent.  Nature visually adds intermingling structures, changing shades, opening and simultaneously overlapping areas. These numerous material impressions allow imaginative and individual combination possibilities.

White Coast

The story of White Coast sounds like a nice trip. A walker finds an oak plank on the beach, takes it with him and starts to intensively treat it. He accentuates the ravages of time and lets it live: White Coast has a slightly transparent surface and edges that feature a contrast in natural oak colour along the longitudinal sides. They are irregular and seem to have come a long way. As country-house floorboard, this lively décor seems to have finally found a home.


This flooring design – found on the coast of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa – has seen it all. The oak proudly shows its strips, cracks and sawing effects. It was treated by hand – and it was worthwhile. A surface treatment with well-chosen oils reinforces all these effects even more, shows the natural beauty of Jeffreys Bay and emphasises the independent character of the décor. A country-house floorboard with an exciting story.

The variety of the new flooring trends 2014 by Interprint appeals to a large target group.  Whether young, modern, vintage, stylish or classic, the common denominator of décors by Interprint is and remains the authenticity.