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A New View of Things

‘Points of View’ was the motto of the ‘Interprint Furniture Days 2013’.

The already 7th ‘Interprint Furniture Days’ workshop was attended by numerous visitors from all over the world. From the end of October to mid-November, more than 230 decision-makers from more than 130 companies participated in the trend-oriented workshop of the international décor printer. The partners of the derived timber product and furniture industries came from all over Europe and even from South America to Arnsberg. This year’s ‘Points of View’ motto inspired with unusual and new perspectives.

Can you see the world with different eyes? You can if you are prepared to change your point of view. Salvatore Figliuzzi, Décor Development & Marketing Manager, Maurizio Burrato and Daniel Heitkamm from the Design and Marketing Team took the visitors of this year’s ‘Interprint Furniture Days’ on a visual trip. The objective of the ‘group tour’ was to get to know new points of view. A total of six stops could be experienced: the change in the markets, openness to innovations and inspirations, special moods, light and time.

Simple and Complex

The path from the Walkman to the MP3 Player documents the rapid development in industrial design. However simple and plain the design of an MP3 Player may look from the outside, the technology behind it is extremely complex. It is the same in our industry: Décors appear to be ‘understandable’ at first sight but involve multi-layered processes.

Markets are also becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered – they change and new markets emerge. One of them is the Internet. To be successful in new worlds of commerce, sellers must address their potential customers emotionally and offer them orientation. Less is more!

Yesterday’s Future

Did yesterday’s future, i.e. the present, really come true as imagined in the past? The 1960’s were the era of space flight. It was therefore thought that school trips to the moon and flying through the town in your own car would be possible in the year 2000. But everything turned out differently. What did come was something still inconceivable 50 years ago: the computer era and the digitisation of technology.

Analogue and Digital

Despite all digitisation, there is a noticeable return to ‘the real thing’. That is no different at Interprint. Décor development starts in the analogue way, at the wood expert, who creates the authentic artwork with ‘analogue tools’, like plane and chisel. It is only thereafter that the repro expert starts his work with digital tools and visually processes the décor so that in the end something ‘authentic and analogue’ can be produced from it. It is equally paradox and brilliant when something old and familiar is reinvented with innovative technologies. Who does not remember the Polaroid Camera?! It was superseded by the digital instant camera. And today, digital photos are used to compile photo books that remind of the good old photo albums of the past. A phenomenon similar to that of the development of wood décors.

‘Beyond the oak’, new wood décors with a strong character are being created from many natural elements. The trend towards used and repaired looks, textile and stone looks reflects the desire for authenticity. The colours of the new wood interpretations range from natural and whitish-grey to darker colours.

​During the workshop, Salvatore Figliuzzi and his team showed both new décors and current décor examples that had already been successfully implemented by derived timber product and furniture manufacturers.

Together with our industry partners, we were able to look at products and markets from many different perspectives.

Mood-Setting Colours

The visitors were particularly interested in mood-setting colours that can be ideally combined with wood décors. The new single colours from Interprint originated from the ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ idea. These are soft, grey and yellowish colours – from dusk till dawn. The surfaces of metallic materials like for example steel, brass, copper or tin, i.e. the ‘Cosmic Sparkle’ trend series, also look authentic. And Fashion and Interior Design got its own very special and adapted colour for the Interprint décors: ‘Jade’, the gem with the magic green colour.

Light from Different Perspectives

Light can be used for innovative design – both in the room and on furniture. Particularly because coloured surfaces reflect light. The creative indirect combination of single colours with white furniture surfaces provided the visitors with a persuasive experience. But light will be even more successful in future – in data transmission. Will Wi-Fi perhaps be superseded by Li-Fi?

Views and Outlooks

The participants of the ‘Points of View’ workshop experienced the highlight of their visual tour in the atrium of the Interprint Design Centre. There, it was time to ‘hold one’s breath’! Parkour runners showed in a breath-taking performance how different the points of view of people can be. Where we see walls, handrails and stairs as obstacles in urban space, they use these items for motion.

The positive feedback of the visitors of the ‘Interprint Furniture Days 2013’ is good reason for Salvatore Figliuzzi and the entire Interprint Team to be pleased: “We already had a very large number of visitors last year. And that we had even more registrations this year – even from overseas – is really great. Together with our industry partners, we were able to look at products and markets from many different perspectives. We are looking forward to a reunion at ZOW 2014.”


Our short movie gives you some impressions of this workshop: to the movie