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New Flooring Highlights for 2013

Successful contribution to the future laminate flooring trends

The authenticity and naturalness of the wood décors are driven to the peak this season. And the new fascinating surface structures make visuals and haptics of these flooring décors absolutely perfect.

What is coming, what is possible? Certainly wood surfaces that look like real wood. Each has been intensively worked, with structures and signs of wear. Also coming are: colours, brushing, staining, waxing and oiling. The main goal is that the décors show character and contrasts. Everything is possible with the exception of superficiality because the new look must have depth, be able to tell stories and match the furniture styles of many target groups. Interprint is presenting some innovative décor highlights for flooring prior to Domotex 2013.

Bob's Pine. Pure Handicraft.
The conifer wood of this décor is a pine with a country-house floorboard look and gives the impression that it has already experienced a great deal of wear. Its story includes falling tools, scratchy building rubble, wind, weather and many strong footsteps. Bob did his job well and completed his work by sanding, polishing and structuring the wood. It now looks like vintage wood that was reworked. Very strong character.

The main goal is that the décors show character and contrasts.

Wanaka. Naturalness Required.
This décor tells the story of an elm. The ship-deck parquet radiates naturalness and is very trendy. The raw material was sand-blasted many times and has retained the flowers and elegant pattern typical of elm. The pores are unobtrusively varnished in white and the tension is produced by the sometimes stronger or weaker varnish. This décor radiates homeliness with a conservative effect.

Old England Oak. Traditionally Different.
This is oak with a “Very British” look, as an elegant country-house floorboard. The strong structures in the ‘look’ are accompanied by perfectly supplementing textures in the haptics. You can feel what you see. The effect is produced by the sand-blasted pores that overlap softly and harmoniously. Oak at its best!

Summary: The new Interprint flooring décors unite the best from nature with creative and passionate ideas from handicraft.