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Interprint as a Source of Inspiration at the Lodz Design Festival

Growing Ideas, Successful Décors and Digital Tree Rescue: Interprint again offered much inspiration with its presentation

Lodz Design Festival – this always means inspiration and lively discussions about various aspects of Polish and European designs. Interprint participated again this year as a sponsor and exhibitor. The focus of the presentation was on the successful ‘Growing Ideas’ concept with the ‘Best of designs’ for the year 2012. Particularly, the wood décors in combination with strong ‘Visual Perfect’ single colours were a show highlight for many visitors.  “With our new ‘Visual Perfect’ technology, décors look varnished, their colour print is absolutely homogeneous,” said Sylwia Lasota, Sales & Marketing Manager at Interprint Poland. “This effect is increasingly used as a combination element in furniture manufacture.”

Digital Growth for Ojców Birch
The Brzoza Polska (Birch Poland) project logically follows the ‘Growing Ideas’ concept. Interprint, which is active in Poland with its own production location in Ozorków, is committed to the rescue of the Ojców birch. This tree now only grows in a nature reserve in the south of Poland and is in danger of extinction. The aim of the project is to protect the natural habitat of the birch. This type of tree should also be visually preserved in the form of furniture décors. Three renowned project partners of the added value chain have brought their competence to bear in this ambitious project: The Polish designer Tomek Rygalik produced three designs that were inspired by the wood, the leaves, and the bark of the Ojców birch. They were digitally printed by Interprint as furniture décors called Birch Ojców, Green Ojców, and Bark Ojców and further processed by the derived timber product manufacturer Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. The result was presented to international visitors in Lodz for the first time.

Greater Appreciation of Native Wood
In his speech held at the Interprint stand, Tomek Rygalik demanded  that the domestic nature should be appreciated no less than an exotic fauna: “We admire trees that grow in the Brazilian jungle or on the flanks of the Himalaya mountain range – although there are beautiful forests with unique tree species right in our backyard. The rare Ojców birch is worth of being presented to the world.” “The collection developed within the scope of the ‘Brzoza Polska!’ project will be an inspiration for many furniture manufacturers and interior designers,” said Sylwia Lasota, who is also a supporter of the promotion of the natural birch.   “Each visitor to the Interprint stand could pin on a symbolic birch leave and thus strengthen the contribution made by the project partners for the promotion of the Ojcowski National Park. The Ojców birch and other rare tree species are protected there,” she explained. 

Design Prize Winner will visit Interprint in Arnsberg
Another highlight of the Lodz Design Festival 2012 was the ‘make me!’ competition that made a name for itself among young designers far beyond Poland during the past five years. The First Prize was awarded this year to Jan Lutyk with his ‘Ribbon’ stool project. One of his prizes is a trip to the Interprint headquarters in Arnsberg (Germany) during the Furniture Days 2012. Jan Lutyk will be given the opportunity there of familiarising himself with the process of décor manufacture, from design and production to successful marketing campaigns.

Growing ideas, advancement of younger generation and environmental awareness: Interprint gave positive inspiration in Lodz at all levels.