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ERA Members Visit Interprint

Members of the European Rotogravure Association have visited the Interprint group's factory in Arnsberg as part of their annual meeting.

On 31st October, members of the European Rotogravure Association visited the Interprint group's factory at the company's Arnsberg headquarters.

The association's "Packaging & Decorative" division had previously met in Dortmund for their annual meeting. There, more than 80 experts and managers exchanged information on various topics from the fields of packaging and décor printing.

  • ​The topics were wide-ranging: from consumer behaviour in Europe to the properties of décor paper to new printing-machine and drying technology.

At the end of the meeting, the participants visited the Interprint factory to learn more about the international décor printer's production technologies. The guests showed particular interest in the field of cylinder engraving, which is currently undergoing expansion. Interprint's digital décor sample production also drew a great deal of interest. This technology reduces the product-development time for décors, introducing the use of gravure-printing colour pigments and gravure-printing paper. These components ensure that all digital décor samples can also be reproduced in décor gravure printing.

Participants from the field of packaging printing were amazed at the complexity of the production processes at a décor printworks. Many guests were particularly impressed by the strong culture of innovation at Interprint and the exemplary organisational structure of the production processes.