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Powerful Growth for Expressive Structures

An Unbeatable Team: Natural Wood Décors and Modern Single Colours – Individually Combined

Interprint décors mark the season’s trend in 2012 – that was shown by the large spring trade fairs, above all ZOW Bad Salzuflen and the Milan Furniture Trade Fair, where many renowned manufacturers presented the surfaces of the décor printer on their furniture. Emphasised naturalness and strong colours are the overriding aspect. Wood with recognisable structures from Interprint fascinate alone or in combination with accentuating single colours.

A successful example is the Picard décor. Numerous wood details make this structure interesting for the modern home design. A brushed surface and small cracks, an irregular play of colours and a negative pore give a distinct and individual effect. Ocean Side has the dark parts of an oak bark combined with lively sweeping wood elements. This produces a never-before-seen colour- intensive unity. The lively décor is a further answer from Interprint for the wish for authenticity and quality.

In the Woodcon décor, an abstract facing concrete structure was combined with strong-character coniferous wood – just a mix of wood and concrete. The open grain is strengthened in its roughness by a cool concrete grey. The décor has a completely new design look and is especially suitable for modern interior design.

  • ​Green and blue in all shades are currently front-runners of the popular single colours.

    Expressive wood structures and modern single colours from Interprint are an unbeatable team.

In Milan, they formed exciting combinations with wood and other furniture materials. A combination with neutral white surfaces also creates a fresh atmosphere. Interprint presented new single colours in various green and blue shades in line with the new trend. The new Interprint Visual Perfect effect, which convinced the trade visitors at the spring trade fairs, ensures their high-quality look on furniture. Visual Perfect gives a very homogenous surface look – the décor has a varnished appearance.

The Pistachio, Leaf and Forest décors form a trendy palette in the green range. From deep wood green to light olive green, they excellently supplement the natural colours of wood. Particularly popular is the Pistachio shade, which has an ideal balance between green and yellow. The Sugar, Seventies and Nostalgia décors are positioned in the middle range of the new blue single colours. “Sugar has the blue of the paper in which loose sugar was packaged in early Italy – called ‘carta da zucchero’“, said Salvatore Figliuzzi, Marketing and Décor Development Manager at Interprint. “Seventies and Nostalgia are décor names that indicate past beauty that is valid again today.“ Mediterranean freshness is included in all new blue shades, visually rounded off by the Visual Perfect effect.

Regardless of whether combined rich in contrast or harmoniously balanced: expressive wood structures and modern single colours from Interprint are an unbeatable team for the design of individual furniture surfaces.