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Russian Consul-General Visits Interprint

The Consul-General of the Russian Federation, Jewgenij Schmagin, based in Bonn, has visited Arnsberg for the first time.

Jewgenij Schmagin, Consul-General of the Russian Federation in Germany, visited Arnsberg on July 3rd. Together with Lord Mayor Hans-Josef Vogel, he visited the headquarters of the Interprint Group in Arnsberg which has been active in Russia for many years. Schmagin signed Arnsberg’s Visitors Book in the company’s Design Centre.

The expansion of economic relations is one of the numerous tasks of the Consul-General. The 62-year-old can build on his many years of experience in this area. Schmagin has already worked in different positions in the Russian Federation for 40 years. He took over the Consul-General role in Bonn in 2010. During his visit to Arnsberg, he was accompanied by Igor Sevastiyanov, Manager of the Russian Embassy’s Department of Trade and Industry, and Bernd Lepski, Managing Director of the Business Development Department of the Arnsberg Town Council.

  • ​The visit at Interprint was not accidental; in fact, the company has cultivated business relationships with Russian business partners for more than 20 years.

Interprint founded its own sales office in Moscow early in the year of Germany’s reunification. Today, the company has two very successful production facilities in Russia: the Interprint RUS décor printing company in Egoriesk (Moscow area) since 2006 and another location, Interprint Samara, which has manufactured melamine film since 2010. Interprint has invested 50 million euros in these two locations during the past 5 years. Today 170 employees are working at these locations, resulting in total sales of 60 million euros in 2011.

Schmagin, however, does not want to limit his talks to economic subjects and the expansion of business relations. Friendships, last but not least, between the towns and their citizens are very important to him personally. That is why he likes to maintain close contact with the town councils of his consular district in Germany, which encompasses the German states of North-Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. The Consul-General has now visited Arnsberg for the first time in order to get to know the town and its Lord Mayor personally.