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A New Look at Wood

Décor Highlights from Interprint at ZOW 2012

The ZOW motto ‘Growing Ideas’ stood for new potentials of creative décor design at Interprint. Natural details and a used look make wood surfaces appear more authentic than ever. The new décors are refined with strong colour effects and a finish ranging from high gloss to extremely matte – and the haptics are increasingly differentiated.  

Striking: Picard
Picard has what it takes to become a best seller. The oak décor has numerous striking elements. The brushed surface shows dark cracks, knots and mirrors. The irregular play of colours with a white negative pore is also powerful. The structure reminds you of the naturalness of an old oak-tree – that is vintage at its best. 

Raising the Potentials: Ocean Side
The possibilities of sapwood have not been recognised for a long time. In the Ocean Side décor, Interprint puts sapwood on par with heartwood elements. The result is a never before seen harmonious, colour-intensive union. The negative pore conveys the flair of smoked wood. This décor sets new standards with the upgrading of sapwood in a skilful interplay with heartwood elements.

  • Picard

  • Ocean Side

  • Fonda Maple

  • Coast Line

Courage for Greatness: Fonda Maple
Maple with a different look – that is Fonda Maple. The décor dares sweeping shapes. Large flowers, emphasised planking and highly contrasting colours allow the elements to unfold stronger effects than the original material. The slight negative effect of the fine pores that gives the décor a used look is conspicuous; a design feature that is currently the trend for wood surfaces.

Independent: Coast Line
The Coast Line décor has a strong character that is noticeable at first glance. The décor has a distinctive grain, and a grey three-dimensional negative pore and irregular cracks and knots emphasise the individuality of the design. The surface finish is absolutely matte and is therefore fully in line with the trend; an oak décor that can hardly be more versatile.

The décors of the new Interprint collection show a new look at wood structures. They give inspiration and orientation for the design of modern living space; alone or in combination with single colours.