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Flooring Décors in the run-up to Domotex 2011

Elm, oak, ash and a new way with colours

A change in the world of flooring colours is pending for 2011. Natural colour shades and dyed wood fulfil the wish for a unique look and a colour design rich in variation. The favourite wood décors include elm and ash. Oak is also gaining increased expression due to interesting surface and colour effects. Interprint is presenting several convincing flooring designs for these themes in the run-up to the Domotex Trade Fair.

‘Roxy’ is already being used very successfully on furniture and is now showing its qualities as a flooring décor. The unique elegance of the elm structure is due to a harmonious combination of wavy lines and large flowers. The high-quality look is also characterised by influences of other wood types, for example the naturalness of oak, the fineness of beech and the symmetry of cherrywood, which enrich the overall design.

All wood elements are presented pin-sharp and offer the eye great stimulus. ‘Roxy’ is available in the much demanded 2-strip parquet and allover laying patterns.

As another wood that Interprint has given a new importance in décor design, ‘Kimba Light‘ also has elm as its theme. The country house floorboard looks very balanced due to elm’s typically soft, sweeping cathedrals. The inclusion of a fitting piece has resulted in a continuous plank effect. The transition from heartwood to sapwood produces a saturated colouring that is further enriched by colour effects. And the scraped surface adds an interestingly rough touch. ‘Kimba Light‘ is a distinctly designed new flooring decor that catches the eye in every room.

Oak is a classic and repeated newcomer in flooring. With ‘Landano Oak’, Interprint offers an interesting and unmistakable interpretation. The décor has no knots or medullary rays. The rough grain pattern from this purism produces a unique character that is very effective as 2-strip parquet.

The latest flooring décors from Interprint show a very special aesthetic due to their clever colour scheme. They fulfil the wish of many consumers: to design their flooring in a high-quality, stylish and cozy way.