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Excellent Career Choice!

Interprint receives the seal of quality for training companies for the 10th time

Interprint has been one of the top companies in the region since the seal of quality was awarded for the first time in 2013, and has now been titled an "excellent training company" by the apprentices for the 10th time for 2022. The independent certification is evaluated by the young skilled apprentices, based on about 100 questions regarding the quality of training and the perceived level of satisfaction.

Something to do with design? Where other young people have rather vague ideas about their own future, the 21 Interprint apprentices who took part in the assessment at the end of 2022 know exactly what they want to do. The decor printing company based in Arnsberg, is one of the most sought-after companies worldwide and develops trend decors for the furniture industry, interior design and flooring industries.

 „New young professionals are the future of our company. That is why we attach great importance to a good, comprehensive training, to enjoyment at work and to a pleasant human interaction," emphasises Interprint CEO Jens Bauer. "As a rule, we also take on all trainees after the apprenticeship.

The fact that the trainees like to stay at Interprint after their apprenticeship and feel comfortable there is shown by the top score in the results report, for which the trainees are questioned about their interaction with each other. Learning new skills is fun in Arnsberg – and not only the apprentices are happy with the award for their company!

 "We are very proud of our apprentices and are pleased that they have all found a home at Interprint where they can realise their professional goals and play a part in the company," explains Andrea Pusch, Training Manager at Interprint. "The last few years in particular have been more challenging and unusual than in the past, because of Corona. The 10th neutral award by our apprentices shows all the more that we have been doing many things right at Interprint for years and that we will continue to be attractive for job seekers in the future."

Therefore Interprint is again looking for new apprentices who are interested in becoming industrial clerks, media technologists, media designers, electronics technicians and IT specialists, to start an apprenticeship in August 2023.


All information concerning an apprenticeship at Interprint and the opportunity to apply online is available at interprint.de. At instagram.com/interprintausbildung, the current Interprint apprentices share their everyday working life with those who are curious. And of course, Ms. Pusch and her dedicated training team will once again give their all to ensure that Interprint receives the seal of quality again for 2023.