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Shine bright like a diamond

Advika wins Furniture Diamond Award 2023

The beauty of stone in the modern Advika decor, full of timeless elegance, was recognized by the jury of the 'Furniture Diamond 2023' competition. The prestigious statuette went to the decor producer, Interprint. 

The 17th edition of the Furniture Diamond competition organised by the publisher of the BIZNES.meble.pl monthly magazine and the Meble.pl S.A. Group has just come to an end. 54 judges selected the top 34 nominations from more than one hundred exceptional products – furniture, accessories and components. The Advika decor from Interprint was among the nominated decors in the premium furniture surface category. 

Advika is a tribute to nature, a decor inspired by black marble from the sunny Dominican Republic. The unusual play of colours and the real alikeness of stone create the impression of depth. What really catches the eye are the golden veins that form a unique, dynamic pattern on the surface – a true contrast together with the deep black surface. 

Advika perfectly complements elegant interiors in art deco or modern classic style. Used on large surfaces, worktops or on the front of a kitchen island, it appears most impressive.

However, this decor is also perfectly suitable for smaller elements – such as a coffee table. Advika draws attention no matter where it is used, adding character to interiors with its refined elegance. It is unique and certainly draws attention with many envious glances. As a result, it brings a whole new quality to the space in which it is located. 

The 'Furniture Diamond' competition has been held cyclically since 2006 and is organized by the Meble.pl Publishing House, publisher of the BIZNES.meble.pl monthly magazine, and the Meble.pl S.A. Group. The aim of the initiative is to identify the best products from the furniture and interior design industry in terms of design, innovation, technology and functionality. The award is confirmation of quality, originality and recognition by true experts.

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