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Interprint inspires at SICAM

First-time appearance at italian trade fair

Finally live at a trade fair again after a long time, and for the first time at the Italian SICAM - an exciting experience for Interprint in many aspects. Interprint presented new decor designs and trends for all areas of life at the International Trade Fair for Components and Accessories for the Furniture Industry. Talks with customers, designers and interior enthusiasts showed just how precisely the new decors are perceived, the increasing importance of sustainability and also how valuable personal contact at a trade fair is.

SICAM 2022 took place from 18 to 21 October in Pordenone, Italy. Interprint, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of decorative surfaces for wood-based materials, furniture and the flooring industry, was represented there for the first time.

Interprint, having proved right from the start in Italy that "decor" can innovatively be thought of, interpreted and staged in a completely new way, attracted an equally great amount of interest. 

A sustainable future in sight

Since Interprint also sees itself as a style consultant and impulse generator for the industry, the changes and trends in the most diverse living environments were taken into account and consistently thought through under the motto "Decors of Life". From home to the office, to wellness and sports studios as well as in retail, restaurants and cafes - how should the places of a mobile society work in the future? How should they be designed sustainably in order to combine well-being, lifestyle and function? Interprint therefore playfully combines decors with both the latest and future-oriented, sustainable materials from the world of architecture and interior design - and in real living environments shows just how creative and surprising decors in a mix of materials can be when it comes to meeting future challenges when it comes to surfaces.

Life-like staging as inspiration

Innovative ideas and solutions were presented as close to real life as possible, at the exhibition booth. This enabled visitors to get a clear picture of how the decors work in combination with other materials. In the selection process, Interprint looked for surfaces that harmonise aesthetics and sustainable production and thus positively drive the future of interior design. For example, hand-painted Mexican tiles were used. Even curtains made of lyocell, which comes from eucalyptus wood, imitation leather made of tear-resistant, washable paper or acoustic boards made of recycled PET bottles were included.

Interprint playfully approached the combinations and thereby showed how flexible interior design will have to be in the future, for example, when there will no longer be a difference between living and working, when lofts are created in former factory halls, when retail no longer serves purely for shopping, but as a brand experience. With the right material and surface combinations, a homely atmosphere is created in otherwise purely functional spaces. The decor printer presented new decor designs for the melamine and Xelio sectors among other things, as well as for digital printing in this unusual, most visionary environment - with its particularly long rapports.

Sustainable beyond the trade fair

The focus on sustainability and the future was not only evident in the presentation of the trade fair themes.  The whole exhibition booth is a perfect example of the sustainable use of resources. After SICAM, it will not simply be dismantled and destroyed, but will serve as an additional showroom in the atrium at Interprint in the future. 

So much future orientation was well perceived by the trade fair visitors. The focus on the trend topics sustainability and the changes in living environments in the future was the main topic of conversation at Interprint - and was enthusiastically passed on by word of mouth throughout the entire trade fair, which was reflected in the high visitor frequency at the booth. Steffen Fillibeck, Head of Marketing at Interprint, looks back full of enthusiasm: "Our first staging at the SICAM was a complete success. We are very pleased that Interprint was so well perceived by the visitors. Above all, the fact that our claim to optimally integrate the challenges of a changing society into product development and presentation met with such a high response, positively confirmed our way of thinking.

In addition, we finally met many of our customers live again and also made many new contacts. So the trip to bella Italia was really worth it."

At eye level: exclusive cooperation with noble confectioner

Gifts for customers from the promotional products catalogue were out of the question for Interprint. A partner of the same calibre had to be found for the high claim for design, innovation and sustainability - and was found in Davide Comaschi. Both operate on an equally high quality and design level. Like Interprint, the Italian confectioner and patissier, who has won several international awards, just like Interprint, stands for viewing his products from new, surprising perspectives and precisely staging design as a sensual experience. To say it with Interprint´s words of welcome: "To explore and enjoy design like you've never experienced before."