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IP Bogotá Vibes

After 2 years of physical distancing, we met our Latin American customers and partners during Interzum Bogotá. We created a specially designed to serve as a refugewelcome our guests moments of tranquility and interaction during our IP Vibes event.

The theme of our Home Therapy presentation focused on macro trends: Back to Nature, Back to the Roots and Back to the Essential.

Three nacro trends which reflect the transformation we have felt in the last 2 years, showing how we have realigned our needs and will continue to adapt and reconnect with what is most important in our lives. At the same time, design has also been repositioning itself more intensively. It was time in which we discovered how important it was to be out in the nature, to spend more time inside and outside our homes, and at our workplaces. We learned to value the place/space we could move in, due to the restrictions imposed on us and realized just how disconnected we were from surroundings we had got used to and how we turned to our past as a way to rethink our future.

The house has become a therapy space, where people seek safety and comfort and these feelings must be perceived sensorically, through touch, the use of color, light, music and aroma. The potential of architecture and urbanism to promote this change translates into new proposals that are emerging in cities around the world with a bigger  focus on SHARING and COMMUNITY: two words that have acquired greater value in these times.

Thanks to local life, we also realized that this is how we can help our planet and be healthier. This is a win-win solution as it is now or never and without nature there is no future.

During the Interzum Bogotá, we welcomed exhibitors from theindustry for panels and covering, architects, designers and also other visitors from the Pacific and Central America regions. The exchange of individual experience and the analysis of the consumer journey further have and still enrich our research work on new technological and behavioral trends.

We at Interprint are more than happy to have been the pioneers in our sector the Interzum Bogotá, with our own booth and with our first IP Vibes in Latin America, reaffirming the importance of this region in our business.