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Kjerag wins Diament Meblarstwa 2022

Stone is still at the forefront of interior trends.

​The 16th edition of the Diament Meblarstwa (Furniture Diamond) competition, organised by BIZNES.meble.pl and Grupa Meble.pl SA, has just come to an end. From more than 100 unique products (furniture, accessories and components), 56 jurors selected the top 33 proposals. The Kjerag décor from Interprint was one of them in the category of 'Premium Furniture Surfaces'.

Kjerag is another Interprint décor that has been recognised in this prestigious industry competition. Inspired by exquisite granite, the Kjerag décor explores the raw beauty of a stone renowned for its ruggedness and longevity. The surface pattern reproduces the demanding process of working the natural raw material – the effect of flaming, brushing and then polishing. As a result, the richness of the colour of the granite is perfectly captured with soft, diffuse veining and touches of green, grey and white The pronounced structure of the Kjerag décor creates a depth effect by subtly bringing out the decorative qualities of the stone. It looks great, especially on worktops.

As such, the décor is entirely in line with current interior design trends, which focus on natural materials on the one hand and traditional craftsmanship on the other. This gives the interiors more authenticity, while the visual aspects tell a story about long-gone times, the maturing of raw materials, finding inner balance and rediscovering a relationship with nature. The symbolic power of stone, which has been associated with human activity since time immemorial, soothes the senses and brings safety and strength with it. These are particularly welcome qualities in rapidly changing times.

The Diament Meblarstwa competition, organised since 2006, is intended to identify the best – in terms of design, technology, innovation and functionality – products in the furniture and interior design industry. The competition jury includes architects, interior designers, scientists and experts from the furniture industry, production engineers, designers, bloggers, representatives of the media, trade, wholesalers and patent and approval companies. The winners are entitled to label the awarded products with the Diament Meblarstwa logo, confirming their authenticity and recognition in the eyes of experts.

>> Click here for the Kjerag decor. 

  • Kjerag (083874/001)

  • Kjerag (083874/001)