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IP Vibes

Interprint’s new event series focused on emerging trend and style

No question, we live in turbulent times! Future through change! Everything in flux. Also with us. It's time to start a new, international event series: IP Vibes!  

IP Vibes: Design, Trends & Minds 

Vibes? What is that exactly? Vibes are moods and vibrations that transport feelings. When listening to music, for example, a wide variety of emotions arise from one song to another. With interior trends, we experience these moods – and we feel these vibes.

Together with recognized industry thought leaders, we learn and discuss emerging vibes and share with the Interprint ecosystem. It's all about the future of interior design, which we want to shape together - again and again!    

By the way, the new event will premiere with the first edition: IP Milano Vibes - with a look at the trends shown at Supersalone & Furisalone! 

Be excited! We will keep you up to date! Here is a little taste of what you can expect.

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