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featuring Ancient Simplicity

Simplicity trend is a response to our fast-paced globalised world, mass consumerism culture, the overwhelming use of technology and lack of human touch aggravated by the global pandemic. It is a journey that takes us Back to Nature, Back to the Roots and Back to the Essential.

Back to Nature
Back to nature is about erasing the borders between interior and exterior, architecture and nature. Natural materials such as wood, earth and neutral colors, a blend of textures, plenty of natural light, glass walls and greenery are some of the elements that can bring nature inside. The home is no longer just the house.

Back to the Roots
Back to the roots means an appreciation for cultural heritage. Traditional craftsmanship, raw, less processed materials such as wood, natural stone, marble or terracotta, as well as different textures come to the fore and bring new meaning to spaces.

Back to the Essential
Back to the essentials creates inviting spaces that provide opportunities for relaxation and mindfulness.From circular shapes and organic forms to natural materials and soft colours. The idea is to create an environment and interiors to focus on what matters.

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