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Interprint donates 10,000 euro...

...for those affected by flood

​It has been almost a month now since severe flooding left its mark, especially in the Ahrweiler district. But towns in the Sauerland region were also affected. Since then, the clean-up work has been progressing step by step, mainly thanks to the numerous relief workers. The wave of readiness to help that followed the floods is huge. Interprint is donating 10,000 euros as a sign of solidarity and to further support those affected by the damage caused by the storms. 

Interprint’s management spontaneously doubled the idea of a donation of 5,000 euros initiated by the Works Council. Frank Reuther, Chairman of the Works Council, said “Many of our employees would also like to support the people affected in the storm regions. For this reason we have also set up our own donation account, which our employees can use to donate easily.” The entire amount donated will be handed over to Caritas Arnsberg-Sundern, which will distribute it. The Interprint management, represented by Jens Bauer and Hideo Yoshikawa, are particularly support the help for the victims from the region. They added: “We are very affected by the unbelievable damage the storms have caused, but it is still nice to see how great the willingness to help is among people. With our contribution, we want to strengthen this community of solidarity, both in our region and nationwide. Every little helps!" 

Interprint would like to thank the many helpers who are working on site to ensure the most essential supplies are available and to combat the consequences of the floods together. 

  • v.L.n.R: CEO Hideo Yoshikawa, Betriebsratsvorsitzender Frank Reuther, CFO Jens Bauer, Caritas-Vorstandsvorsitzende Arnsberg-Sundern Marek Konietzny und Christian Stockmann