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Digital Décor Sample Production in Gravure Printing Quality

New Method Delivers a High-Quality Décor Sample Result

The Interprint Group has installed a digital décor sample production system at three international corporate locations. The method is quick and meets high visual quality demands. The use of gravure ink pigments and gravure paper ensures that all digital samples can be accurately reproduced in the final décor printing.

​The digital sample production significantly reduces the product development time for décors.

“The handling of the digital data is very simple. A large number of colour variants of a décor can be produced in the shortest possible time. All versions can subsequently be laminated onto sample boards,” explained Salvatore Figliuzzi, Décor Development and Marketing Manager at Interprint. “This allows the customer to individually modify the décor colour directly at the computer workstation on our premises and immediately select the desired colour.” Interprint’s digital prints are free of metamerism which allows the customer to assess the colours much more accurately compared to traditional photo paper and pigments.

Another advantage of Interprint’s digital method is that it is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than the conventional gravure-printed sample. Cylinder engraving can be dispensed with. The lesser use of paper and colour protects the environment. The overall energy requirement decreases significantly.

Interprint is already using the digital sample production method at its locations in Germany, Italy and Malaysia. Further locations of the corporate group will follow in the near future.