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All Trainees Successful

Interprint Proud of the New Generation

​02 July 2021 saw a little in-house party for the trainees that had just completed their training programme. In spite of certain challenges, such as home schooling due to the ongoing pandemic, all Interprint trainees passed their exams successfully. Seven trainees celebrated the successful completion together with their instructors, HR and training department, as well as the company management. Apart from the certificates and the official speech, everyone got to enjoy the photo book including a nice presentation with different stories and little blunders from the past years.  

For most of them, however, the graduation will not mean having to say goodbye: six out of seven trainees will be given a full-time position at the company. The seventh trainee decided to enrol at a university. Instructor Andrea Pusch is particularly proud of “her” kids. “They are now highly qualified specialists who already know their craft very well and have a profound knowledge of the in-house processes. But above all, they have already become integral parts of their respective teams.” This positive feedback about the trainees doesn’t merely say something about the quality of the training, but also about Interprint’s corporate culture. 

Interprint would like to congratulate once again media designer Janina Hempert, business administrators Tilman Weber and Fabian Wiesehöfer and media technology specialists Arbios Sadiku, Nelson Jesudasan, Robert Bajra and Hendrik Ludwig  

For 2022, too, Interprint is looking for young trainees: for the professions media technology specialist and business administrator. For more information and to apply online, please visit www.interprint.de.  

By the way, be sure to check out our Instagram page at @interprintausbildung to see Interprint trainees providing their own insights into their daily work.