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Interprint Vaccination Center

Preparations underway in close coordination with the Hüsten work medical center

​On June 7, the third pillar of the nationwide vaccination campaign was officially launched. This pillar includes a provision for companies to provide employees COVID-19 vaccinations onsite.   

As announced a few weeks ago, Interprint will participate by expanding its existing onsite COVID-19 testing center to include vaccinations for employees. In close coordination with the Hüsten work medical center, all interested Interprint employees will receive a vaccination invitation by the end of June. 

Currently, nearly 50% of Interprint employees have already received an initial vaccination or appointment. Interprint has therefore ordered approximately 200 vaccine doses for the remaining Interprint employees who wish to be vaccinated. 
Subsequently, the Interprint vaccination center will also be available to employees of other local companies who are cared for by the Hüsten company medical center.  

Interprint is thankful for the work medical center’s partnership and is looking forward to the coming cooperation. Stay healthy!