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Expo Revestir 2021

A new way to experience the Expo Revestir

From 22 to 31 March 2021 - 100% Digital!

This year's Revestir, Latin America's leading covering trade show, proved it: Digital events are the modern way to bring to the public the novelties and relevant topics in interior design and architecture.  

The programming of virtual events has succeeded in making a great bridge in the exchange of main news that are transforming this market during the pandemic period. 

The fair focused on the importance of solutions for different living concepts, focusing on well-being, sustainability, contact with nature and the adaptation of spaces. It was very interesting to see how many products emphasized textures with depth and colors very reminiscent of natural materials. The inspiration behind this is the "Biophilia" movement, which is a very important source of well-being in these times of lockdown, with an emphasis on closeness to nature.

Another highlight were many products that expressed the Brazilian style both in colors and in the materials used. They expressed themselves through geometries, natural woods and stones that represented the balance between strength and elegance. Many of the products presented in this segment value the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, a pressing global concern.

Products with hygienic, antiviral surfaces or touchless operation are other innovations that show the rapid response to the pandemic.

During the fair, many professionals shared their experiences about working from home or in their offices for the customer service. Many felt that the future is today and even with distance and reduced personal contact, innovative and better collaboration with customers is possible.

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