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Proud of Our New Generation

For the eighth time in a row, Interprint has been awarded the “Excellent Training Organisation” quality seal

​Interprint is well known for the great training it offers: The company currently has 22 trainees. 8 of them are business administrators, 11 are media technology specialists, one is a media designer, one is an electronics technician and one works in IT.

Chief Instructor Andrea Pusch is very proud of "her" young talent: "As a local company, offering good training in our region is very important to us.  We are particularly proud of Interprint staff who contribute their ideas, no matter what company division they are from or how long they have been with us. The percentage of our trainees that we hire at the end of their training and the numerous colleagues who have been with us for so many years demonstrate how much we value the know-how and the young talent from our midst."  

Supporting the future specialists during their three-year training and helping their personal development are two of a instructor's main tasks. Andrea receives support from five other instructors from various divisions at Interprint, who are particularly passionate about helping young people.

Maybe this is why Interprint is regularly awarded the "Excellent Training Organisation" quality seal. In 2020, in the course of an anonymous poll, Interprint's trainees said they thought the company had done a good job – for the eighth time in a row! The quality seal means that a company has shown a great deal of dedication when it comes to professional training, has achieved a high level of satisfaction and a positive assessment of the work situation among the trainees. One mustn't forget that this year wasn't like any other year: In spring, vocational schools had to close their doors due to the pandemic. Companies were faced with the challenge of organising their work with the protective measures being in force while preparing the trainees for their intermediate and final examinations. Interprint successfully overcame this challenge with a special highlight: all Interprint trainees passed their exams. Business administrators Anne Hufelschulte and Ann-Christin Nemeita completed their training with the grade 1 (very good) and were honoured by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The "Excellent Training Organisation" quality seal will now show the way to Interprint to the next generation. Interprint's team of instructors would like to continue sharing their knowledge with young people and they are firmly intending to obtain a ninth "Excellent Training Organisation" quality seal.

Interprint is still looking for trainees for the training year starting on 01 August 2021: for professions media technology specialist (m/f/various) and media designer (m/f/various).



For all information regarding the training Interprint offers and to apply online, please visit www.interprint.de. You can have a peek into our trainees' daily work at facebook.com/interprintausbildung

  • Honouring the Best (from left to right): Jens Bauer (Managing Director), Britta Berghoff (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Anne Hufelschulte, Ann-Christin Nemeita, Andrea Pusch (Instructor)

  • Instructor Team (from left to right): Malte Tadday (digital print), Klaus Loerwald (IT), Andrea Pusch (Chief Instructor), Boris Dufek (Electrical Engineering), Frank Wacker (Gravure Printing), Florian Oberstelehn (Repro)