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Time for Progress

INTERPRINT at the Lodz Design Festival

Leading the way, questioning the existing beliefs and redefining ourselves has always been part of Interprint's DNA. Recently, we said goodbye to the traditional collection concept. With its continuously expanding "Press Play" decor playlist or the extension of its digital print range, Interprint never fails to prove its instinct for innovation.

This year, the motto of the Lodz Design Festival taking place in Poland from 17 to 20 September 2020 was „Time for Progress", which perfectly reflected our company's philosophy. Here, up-and-coming designers, architects and art college students work with and learn about design, art and crafts in various creative ways. Last September saw Interprint's thirteenth participation in this event – as an exhibitor, sponsor and presenter.

This time around, the Design Festival was very different, taking place in the midst of a pandemic that has been on everyone's mind the entire year. This is why the award ceremony of the "make me!" competition was held without the audience's participation this time, instead being aired live on the festival's various channels.

The Lightness of Marble
Sylwia Lasota, Marketing and Sales Manager at INTERPRINT Polska, presented the award to Fili Pari – a start-up from Italy – for a project entitled "The Lightness of Marble", which had introduced an innovative way of using marble residue.

The jury at the main competition included Maurizio Burrato, Managing Director of the Italian branch of INTERPRINT and a member of the INTERPRINT Group's design team. He gave the following reason for his decision: "Design is a cultural phenomenon. Like any other art form, it should express the zeitgeist and represent the topics that occupy modern society. Today more than ever, we must judge an object, an industrial product or a building based not only on its technical or financial value, but also its social impact. The designer must be mindful of the materials used and the CO2 footprint left during the production process. I want to see products where creativity, sustainability, craftsmanship and technology go hand in hand. Alina Wheeler called design visible intelligence – and now, the time has come to show how smart we are."

This special edition of the Lodz Design Festival once again proved why it is one of Europe's most prestigious design events: It facilitates the continuous development of trends that fulfil the highest design-related requirements but that are also produced in a socially and ecologically responsible way.

​Photorelation Lodz Design Festival 2020