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Surfaces and Colours Excellently Combined

New wood décors and metallic single colours

Furnishing is almost entirely about the combination of materials, shapes and colours. But what actually goes really well together? Interprint already answered this question with inspiring combinations during the Werkschau* at the Design Post Cologne. Under the motto ‘Combinations’, the new Interprint décors offer a great compliment to trendy metallic single colours. The focus is on woods like elm, oak or larch in modern, natural designs.

‘Swiss Elm’ again proved its exceptional position at the Interprint Werkschau* during the interzum 2011 trade fair. The elm décor conveys a relaxed ambiance and thus catches the spirit of the time. With its lively composition of various wood elements, Swiss Elm addresses the longing for nature and the pleasure of combining with colours. Elm is one of the most successful discoveries for décor design in recent times. In the ‘Griffin’ décor, stripy elements and narrow flowers supplement each other. The décor image has no knots and the dark pore conveys a pure and neat impression.

​Contrasting colours that go well with ‘Griffin’ include metallic blue or green: either contributes to a perfect, high-quality impression for furniture fronts and worktops.

The ‘Fleedwood’ oak décor has a dynamic effect due to its multifaceted grain and the white pore. Metallic single colour décors are a good counterpart because they balance out the dynamism of the grain. The trendy conifer wood segment is represented by the ‘Thuja’ larch décor with its distinctive stripy structure, half-cut flowers and soft annual rings. The surface really shines in combination with metallic single colours. The effect is clear, strong and refreshing. Metallic single colour décors are ideal combination partners for these surfaces. Whether cooling teal, soft mustard yellow or smoky aubergine, the correct shade balances out, sets accents or generates visual tension. Interprint’s seven new colours offer many options for a harmonised design.

Combined by Interprint. The company that not only inspires with its trendy décors, it provides a versatile compliment for combinations with the perfect colour.

(* Werkschau: German expression for ‘Exhibition of Works’)