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Relaxed Living and Working

Preview of the Interprint Flooring Trends 2019

Life is complicated enough. "Back to basics" is the motto for living and working. Interprint's six flooring statements for 2019 follow three rules of the new simplicity:


The aesthetics of craftsmanship reflects our desire for something analogue in digital times.


Floorings with authentic materiality bring haptics and emotion into the room.


The naturalness of the flooring suits a lifestyle of relaxed living and working.


Inspired by these three trends, Interprint developed the Flooring Trends 2019 – six floorings that focus on the essential. All six of them are laid as an all-over decor.


Artisan Flooring  

Material: Framework oak. The objective of the technical reworking was to retain the old-timber character of the original material. Black knots liven up the overall look. The craftsmanship gives an authentic contrast to the cool industrial look. The natural oak colour stands for quality and durability.


Smooth Oak  

Naturalness meets elegance: A slightly textured oak wood with white-varnish finish. That emphasises the harmonious colouring. Beautiful eye-catchers are the unobtrusive knots. 



Teak flooring with an almost three-dimensional texture. The treatment with a sandblaster and dark oil makes the character even more apparent. A skilful reinterpretation of a mid-century classic.


Mayfield Fabric 

A symbiosis of wood and fabric: The greyed-out oak was covered with a fabric texture and then brushed. An unmistakable look characterised by warmth and elegance.


Bellemont Oak 

This oak was heavily worked on: first smoked, then sanded and brushed. The result is a rustic floor with distinct colouring and growth signs.


Delaware Flooring  

A concrete brick with a smoothly ground surface. The fine- to medium-sized grains of the material give the flooring its random look. Great in combination with the Industrial Style or as a contrast to warm wood.

  • Artisan Flooring

  • Artisan Flooring

  • Smooth Oak

  • Grandis

  • Mayfield Fabric

  • Mayfield Fabric

  • Bellemont Oak

  • Bellemont Oak

  • Delaware Flooring