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Lodz Design Festival 2018: Reflections of Our Times

Interprint presents current home trends

It is one of the most popular design events in Eastern Europe: The Lodz Design Festival in Poland. In contrast to a classic trade fair, the focus here is on the creative analysis of design, art and craftsmanship. The image of the festival, which took place from 19 to 27 May this year, is predominantly shaped by young designers, architects and art college students. A total of 35,000 people interested in design from Eastern and Western Europe visited the event in Lodz, a cultural metropolis of Poland. The festival reflected on design trends of our times under the 'Reflections' motto. Interprint has been an exhibitor and co-sponsor of the creativity event for the past eleven years.


Six decors, four trends

The Interprint exhibition stand was dedicated to the 'Six Pack 2018' décor collection. The six design recommendations for modern living are inspired by four trends: co-everything, smart_material, up/cycling and non_conform. The visitors were impressed by how Interprint knows how to translate current topics into creative design of surfaces. Guest speaker on the Interprint stand was the freelance furniture designer Maja Palczewska. With a view to the 'non_conform' trend, she talked about "imperfections as a new aesthetic standard" in her presentation – a topic that was also addressed on other exhibition stands at the festival.


make me! creativity contest

The Lodz Design Festival is primarily known for the sponsoring of young talents. Within the scope of the 'make me!' creativity contest, three product designers receive an award for their trendsetting designs each year. Interprint's sponsorship award was won this year by the young designer Róża Rutkowska for her SCOBY project: a wafer-thin, edible packaging for food as alternative to throw-away plastic packaging. SCOBY is made of organic material and can simply be cooked together with the food – smart_material in the purest form.


The future of design

Sylwia Lasota, Head of Sales Domestic Market & Marketing at Interprint Poland, draws a positive conclusion: "The Lodz Design Festival again delivers creative inspirations for design, art and product development. We are very pleased that we promote this process as a co-sponsor."

  • The Interprint exhibition was dedicated to the ‘Six Pack 2018’ – six decor recommendations for modern living (Photo: Biznes meble.pl / Tomasz Markowski)

  • (Photo: Biznes meble.pl / Tomasz Markowski)

  • (Photo: Biznes meble.pl / Tomasz Markowski)

  • The designer Maja Palczewska talked about “imperfections as a new aesthetic standard”

  • Interprint’s sponsorship award was won by the young designer Róża Rutkowska for her SCOBY project