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Interprint Starts New Sector Event

'HUB – Interprint Interior Festival' in Essen on 14/15 November

With the 'Furniture Days', Interprint had provided trendsetting input to the derived timber and furniture industries for ten years since 2007. Last year, the company took a creativity break. The new sector event called 'HUB – Interprint Interior Festival' will start in the autumn of 2018.


With the HUB Festival, the international decor printer will give insights into interior design trends beyond the furniture industry. On 14 and 15 November 2018, Interprint will allow its customers to meet renowned representatives from the worlds of art, science, industry and architecture. The event location suits the purpose: The SANAA Building on the 'Zeche Zollverein' Unesco World Heritage Site in Essen. It combines industrial heritage with modern age and is regarded as an architectural masterpiece. In co-operation with partner companies, Interprint will present points of view concerning interior design and place an emphasis on furniture, flooring, lighting design and architecture.


'HUB' means 'central point' – a place where all important information comes together. That is exactly the guiding idea of the Interprint Interior Festival: People who influence interior design meet at a central place. The interactive character of the event gets manufacturers, designers and decision-makers in interior design talking to each other. The 'HUB Festival' is therefore primarily a vibrant network for synergies and innovations: Everybody gives, everybody takes and everybody benefits.  


The new Interprint format starting in November can be an inspiring platform for all those who want to influence the future of interior design. The company will announce the programme details and give an overview of the speakers, exhibitors and topics in good time.


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  • The event location: the SANAA building in Essen (Photos: Folkwang Agentur, Essen)