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Decor Kronberg is 'Product of the Year 2018'

Oak design by Interprint receives renowned award in Poland

The 'Six Pack' decors by Interprint have great success potential in international markets. The best example is the authentic 'Kronberg' oak decor of the 'Six Pack 2017'. The exceptional decor was chosen as 'Product of the Year 2018' in the 'Surface Finish Products' category by 'Meble Plus', the Polish Furniture Magazine, in mid-February.


'Kronberg' convinced with its distinctive naturalness. The planked oak originated from old railway sleepers. The timber, strongly parched by the sun over many years, displays authentic discolorations, annual rings and cracks. 


The 'Meble Plus – Product of the Year' Design Competition is one of the most renowned events of the Polish furniture industry. Outstanding interior designs including furniture, accessories and fabrics, are given an award every year.   

A total of 80 design products competed for the coveted awards in 16 categories during this year's 16th edition. It was certainly not an easy decision to make for the 30-member jury – consisting of designers, journalists and experts from the furniture retail sector and trade associations. This year, the general public was also involved in the decision via the online platform of the 'Publikator' interior design publishing company, which is the organiser of the competition.


The winners were declared on 15 February within the scope of a Furniture Forum in Katowice during the "4 Design Days". Sylwia Lasota, Sales and Marketing Manager at Interprint Polska, is delighted about the award for 'Kronberg': "The award again confirms the high design quality of the Interprint decors. A great success that supports us in our 'Six Pack' concept as focused market recommendations."


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  • The winners were declared during the 4DesignDays in Katowice

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